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Disappointed Father

Fuck, this really wasn’t what I wanted when I cast the spell that was going to help my father understand me better. He always struggled with having a gay son and I knew that I was a disappointment to him. He’d wanted a manly son who enjoyed sports and cars but instead he got me, a drama student who dreamed of being pinned down and ravished by A-List actors like Chris Evans.

I knew that dabbling with magic I didn’t understand wasn’t the best idea but I was desperate to do anything that would make my old man approve of me. Kids do crazy things for their parents’ love and affection after all and I was really no different. I had no idea that the spell would also make me see things from his perspective but I guess that’s what I get some not paying that much attention when I was learning crude Latin in order to cast the spell.

The spell was cast only a few hours ago but I can already feel myself giving into my father’s mind and becoming him. Even a look through the spell book didn’t help because I found myself unable to read Latin and I could no longer recognize which spell I had actually cast in the first place. I even tried to cast a few spells in the hope that they would switch us back but all they did were pump up this body’s muscles even more and make my cravings for the cigars my father usually smoked stronger.

Pretty soon there will be no way for us to swap back and I’m willing to bet that neither of us will even remember swapping in the first place. My father’s already acting like me, talking about all these actors I can only half visualize and typing away on his cell phone, probably to my friends. I found myself feeling so frustrated and disappointed whenever I looked at him and those emotions were becoming so much stronger than me own.

Letting out a sigh as my son began posing for selfies, I pulled out a cigar and made my way towards our back yard. I guess it’s hopeless to try and wish that my son was anything more than a flamboyant homosexual. He’s never going to be the son I want but I guess I’ll just have to accept that now, even if I’m not too happy about it. It’s not as if there’s some magic spell to make him straight or anything…

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