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Craftsman With Claws

For @the-craftsman‘s anniversary month event!

The Craftsman knew there was a change coming. He could feel it in his mind but more important he could feel it throughout his body. He’d enjoyed his time as Liam Hemsworth - it hadn’t been the first and it wouldn’t be the last either - but for a man like himself any sort of transformation was welcome. Staying in one body for long periods of time left him feeling bored, especially when there were people like Mr Cavanaugh and Bizz there to help bring him brand new experiences through the eyes of different men.

Sure enough a quick talk with each of his regular contacts brought affirmation from Mr Cavanaugh that he was the man responsible for this latest change. “Consider it an anniversary present. A year in this business is a lot to be proud of,” he explained as casual and cool as ever. Having worked with the other man a number of times before the Craftsman wasn’t worried. He had faith that whatever famous body was awaiting him would be just as gorgeous as his last and would satisfy him for the weeks or months to come.

A slight reduction in height was not all that unexpected considering he was currently using the body of Liam Hemsworth, one of the tallest men in Hollywood. That was only the first change though and the Craftsman admired his body as it began to reshape itself to his new image.

He could feel power bursting throughout him as Liam’s lean body began to pack on some serious muscle that would make any man feel inferior. His arms exploded to the size of footballs, all packed with raw power. He’d always had something of a fascination when it came to men with big, strong arms and this new body was definitely going to fill his curiosity. Immediately he began flexing them, watching as the biceps ballooned and feeling a shiver of delight rush through his transforming body.

His legs were the next body part to pack on the muscle - thighs becoming thick and the calves of somebody who clearly didn’t skip out on leg day growing. The Craftsman watched with delight as hair began to sprout from his skin, covering his legs with a healthy dusting of dark hairs. The back of his forearms followed suit and he could already feel a ticking on his chest as the transformation reached there soon.

Shedding the polo shirt he’d been wearing as Liam, the Craftsman could only watch in delight as power rushed through his chest, forcing it to match the muscularity of his limbs. While his pecs expanded and his abs reshaped until they were more clearly defined than they’d ever been, a thick mane of hair grew until his chest was covered in a dark luxurious forest. There was no questioning that he looked like the traditional alpha male with his hairy chest and big muscles.

Finally the transformation began reshaping his face and the tickling sensation provoked nothing more than a laugh from the Craftsman. While some people found transformations uncomfortable, particularly in the facial area, he was nothing short of a professional by now and found it more arousing than anything else.

The familiar sensation of stubble growing along his wider jawline caught the Craftsman’s curiosity and he sauntered in front of a mirror to watch the rest of his facial features reshape. His eyebrows became thicker while his hair darkened and restyled itself into a shorter and more classic style. Even before his eyes began changing color he knew who he was becoming and he couldn’t be more delighted about it.

Hugh Jackman was one of the first faces he’d used in the modern era and it had been a long time since he’d gone back to him. Almost a year exactly, to tell the truth. While faces like Chris Pratt and Liam Hemsworth would always keep him coming back for more, there was something about the masculine authority of the real-life Wolverine that had him excited to enjoy it all once more.

Even better, a parcel arrived shortly after containing a simple grey t-shirt and a note from Mr Cavanaugh himself, reading: Hugh requested that he get something from me in return. I thought you’d appreciate a new shirt. Enjoy! So the actor himself was now a shirt, eh? That was definitely something that appealed to the Craftsman and he quickly pulled the grey shirt on, happy to hear the familiar moans of arousal playing in his mind as Hugh felt his new fabric body being filled out by the man who had taken his place.

“Thanks, bub,” he growled in a deeper Australian accent than before. He couldn’t help but wonder if he could find that leather X-Men suit anywhere. There was plenty of fun to be have while he was in Hugh’s body and that all started now!

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