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Costume For A Superhero

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

I have a thing for superhero costumes. I’ll admit it. Whether it’s Chris Evans in that iconic red, white and blue of the Captain America uniform or Chris Hemsworth showing off his biceps with Thor’s chainmail arms, it’s pretty much guaranteed to get me hard. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who feels that way either, although I’m most certainly alone in being able to live my fantasies in the most extreme of manners. 

I’ve not just worn the Batman and Superman skin-tight suits that Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill wore while filming the DC blockbuster movies, I was those suits, and by extension became those hunky actors for a short while too. When the option’s there to jump from the super-suit and into their bodies its simply too tempting to resist, although after so much experience I can confirm that I’ve grown to love being the superhero costumes more than I actually love being the men wearing them. It just feels more special in a way.

You can probably tell by now that I’ve not exactly limited myself when it comes to which heroes’ costumes I become. I don’t give a damn about if DC or Marvel is better, I only care about who has the hottest costumes and how I can become them. Most of the time I get onto the set as a member of the wardrobe department which makes it so much easier to get access to those jaw-dropping costumes and push my essence into them until I’m entirely bonded to them.

Of all of the heroes whose super-suits I’ve blessed with my presence though, Daredevil from the Netflix series was one of the few I hadn’t quite gotten around to yet. I was surprised it had taken so long considering how gorgeous Charlie Cox, the man behind Daredevil’s mask, was and that was my spurring motivation to stop wasting time and get both onto his body and then into it.

Unsurprisingly the bigger the production, the more difficult it is to get some alone time with the costume that was the object of my desires. Thankfully after the chaos I had managed to sneak through on the Captain America: Civil War set, getting through The Defenders was absolutely nothing and before I could believe it I had my fingers running over the fabric of the red and black costume that had caught my attention so many months ago.

Pushing forward, I allowed my body to let go of all the mortal trappings keeping me in the shape of an ordinary man and instead surged into the costume, filling every strap of leather and fake kevlar gear. The sensation was beyond relaxing to me, feeling better than any orgasm a man could hope to experience. Anticipation of being worn began to grow inside my mind and soon enough I was taken from my place on a rack and fitted over a firm muscular body.

I didn’t jump into Cox’s body straight away. Instead I spent the next few days enjoying him wearing me and stretching me out as he filmed a variety of action and stunt scenes for The Defenders. He more than filled out the crotch of the costume, much to my delight, and I couldn’t help but apply more pressure around his bulge. He tried to be subtle but more than once a groan escaped his lips as I got him hot and bothered, leaving him without any idea that anything more suspect than just a tight-fitting costume was actually happening.

After a week of being in close quarters with the lead actor as he completed his scenes, I overheard that soon the suit would be packed into storage. That was the sign that I needed to move on and quick, so the next time good old Charlie unwittingly pulled me on over his enviable body, I pried myself away from my fabric existence and pushed straight into him.

With little more than a shiver I assumed control and let out a breath. While I had made myself at home in the suits of superheroes, being one certainly wasn’t an uncomfortable experience for me either. I’ll likely spend another few weeks as Charlie before moving on - perhaps paying Stephen Amell a visit on the Arrow set. For now though I’m going to enjoy playing the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen, and more importantly, the man behind his mask: Charlie Cox!

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