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Colton's Torment

Colton Haynes had been expecting a normal day out. Well, as normal as could be when you were a hot young actor with a fanbase of horny teenage girls and gay guys, not that he had any interest in the former. He had a damn good life and he knew it, although that didn't mean that he was always grateful and he had been told once or twice he could be a bit of a douchebag at times. That cockiness would end up being his downfall because his present this Christmas holiday was a new body - that of an overweight, elderly man who dressed up as Santa In a Hollywood mall, that is.

His agent had arranged for him to attend a store party at a mall in downtown Los Angeles, just in time for Christmas. He didn't know what store it was and he didn’t really care either, he was only going there for the free booze and for all the lustful attention he'd receive just for looking so damn handsome like he always did. He liked when people stroked his ego and in his line of work, people did that pretty much all of the time. There would no doubt be a whole host of gay or curious guys there and he could use an opportunity to get his flirt on and maybe even get a blowjob or two in the bathrooms, like the classy guy he was.

After doing the usual press rounds, Colton helped himself to a couple glasses of champagne until he was feeling suitably buzzed. As he was wont to do, he didn’t stop there though; he kept going until he was filled with so many drinks that all rational sense left him. He posed with fans, groping more than a few and then made his way over to the Santa's Grotto in the middle of the mall. It was only him and the Santa they'd hired in there and Colton was drunk enough to think that messing around with the old fat man would be a good idea.

Walking over and planting himself on the confused man's lap, he reached out and took the other man's arm. "l know what you want for Christmas," Colton slurred, moving the other man's hand so was resting over the crotch section of his pants, "A big, juicy cock like mine!" He laughed in the other man's face but strangely enough the Santa just smiled at him. Colton didn't notice but his seven-inch cock was shrinking in size, shrivelling up and wrinkling until it was a mere three inches soft, just at the same time as Santa's crotch started to bulge out and cause more of a tent in his red pants.

"You want arms like mine," he continued, moving Santa's hands up to his arms so he could feel Colton's impressive biceps. The old man even gave them a squeeze and chuckled in delight at the hard muscles of the actor’s arms. In his drunken haze, Colton didn't notice that his arms suddenly felt a little weaker under the other’s grip and his hand was aging rapidly while Santa's arm felt heavier and his skin was smooth and young.

Still he was spurred on by the cloudy fog inside his mind and he moved Santa's hand down to his thighs, this time remarking in a purring voice: "You want legs like mine." As soon as the words left his mouth, their legs started to switch. The taut muscles of Colton’s thighs began to relax and expand with added fat while the quads he was currently resting on felt much stronger and firmer. Even Colton’s ass wasn’t excused from the exchange, losing its perkiness and instead growing round and sagging.

Next he moved Santa's hand to his chest, moving them over his cut abs and meaty pecs that looked out of place on his deformed body. "You wish you had my abs and pecs," he groaned, starting to become aware of how different he felt as his stomach suddenly bulged out until it was a huge beer gut. Within moments there was no longer any sign of his formerly athletic frame. Instead it looked like his body had been mistreated for years with a long series of junk food and second helpings being prioritized over gym time and a healthy diet. In direct contrast, Santa's suit suddenly looked very big on him as his large stomach pulled in to form tight six-pack abs and his flabby upper torso reshaped into a pair of firm pecs that Colton had been so proud of.

Finally Colton moved Santa's hand up to his face, slipping a finger into his mouth for a few seconds as if mimicking a blowjob, before pulling it out and whispering, "You want my handsome face, don't you?" As he felt a white, bushy beard start to push out from his face, he finally started to realize what was happening. He could see Santa's face smoothing out and reshaping - the jaw widening, the nose thinning, the lips becoming plumper - before his vision suddenly blurred, his eyes needing glasses to see anything.

"Wh- what have you done to me?" he asked, his voice not sounding a thing like his own. In fact, it sounded old and croaky and that prompted a ripple of fear to rush through him. The clothes on his body was so tight and he felt uncomfortable bloated like never before. The effects of the champagne began to wear off as the events caused him to sober up quickly.

"l didn't do anything," he heard his own voice reply. Colton’s heart dropped as his breath caught in his throat. He felt glasses being slid onto his face and his vision suddenly became clear, revealing what looked like himself in a very baggy Santa suit! His doppelganger just smirked at him and started to strip out of the suit, showing Colton the body he'd just given away to the old man unwittingly. "After all, was your idea," he said gloatingly, stroking his hard youthful cock.

Colton could only stare in horror as the body thief reached climax and came all over the discarded Santa suit. It was then kicked towards him and the new Colton told him sharply, "Get out of my clothes and put that on." The old Colton was so scared and confused that he did exactly as his replacement sad. He put the cum-staned Santa suit on and let himself get pushed onto the chair. The newly rejuvinated former mall Santa climbed onto his lip, massaging the former actor's limp embarrassment of a cock through the red material and giving him an evil glare.

"Let's get a picture, old man. I never want to forget this," the new Colton said, holding out his phone. The new Santa smiled on instinct as his handsome young visitor took the picture. He could feel himself accepting defeat. He had no idea how to reverse this, nor could he even really understand what had just happened. He’d felt so compelled to taunt the other and it had cost him everything! Santa let out a sigh as Colton left, wondering if he would ever see his own body - and that fine perky ass - again.

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