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Chasing Him Out

Brent had been more than a little disappointed when he discovered that his college roommate was a total loser who’d never seen the inside of a gym before and knew all of his friends through World of Warcraftinstead of ever actually engaging in face-to-face social interaction. The two couldn’t possibly be more oppositional if they tried and it made for an uncomfortable tension in their dorm room. Never one to sugarcoat things, Brent had made it pretty clear that he had no interest in being friends with Luke but the nerd was apparently either total blind to Brent’s distaste or too damn stubborn to request a room transfer.

As such, Brent had made it his mission to chase Luke out of the dorm one way or another and launched a crusade of mean-spirited pranks at the expense of his roommate, hoping that one would finally push the other over the edge and force him out for good. Being relatively popular on campus thanks to his good looks, athletic build and football skills, Brent had even managed to recruit a number of other guys to help him with the pranks and while Luke had clearly been frustrated with what he referred to as the “buffoonery” of Brent and his friends, he remained put in the dorm room.

It was one of the more pedestrian of pranks that seemed to finally ush Luke over the edge, with the most surprising of consequences. Brent had stolen Luke’s clothes and towel from the washroom when the other disappeared behind the shower curtain, knowing all too well that Luke would be humiliated by the walk back to the dorm room that he’d have to do totally naked. It wasn’t as if Luke had the kind of body that he’d find any pride in showing off either, with his skinny limbs and pale complexion. Brent could already imagine the mocking laughter his roommate would endure on his ‘walk of shame’ and even if it didn’t scare the dweeb off, humiliating him had become a fun pastime for the football jock and his friends.

Brent had been scrolling through his Instagram feed and saving pictures of scantily-clad underwear models when the door to the room burst open and his own six-foot-four and two-hundred and twelve pound body marched in, clad in only a pair of black boxer briefs that clung desperately to his trim waistline and leaving very little to the imagine. He was still wet from the shower and it was a delicious sight, if a totally unexpected one. Brent stared up at his doppelganger in utter bewilderment for a moment and was surprised by the ripple of fear that spread throughout him at the furious expression on his double’s face.

“Why’d you steal my shit, huh?” his doppelganger demanded to know, stomping across the room and grabbing Brent by the front of his shirt. At that exact moment the bully realized that all of his clothes seemed a hell of a lot looser on him and as he attempted to push his double away, he caught sight of his skinny arms and pearly white skin. Panic seized him as his brain began to connect the dots and realized with horror that he’d forgotten to collect his boxer briefs after hooking up with Melanie in the showers that morning. They must have been lying around for anyone to pick up and put on… anyone, like Luke.

“There’s gonna be a change around here,” the new Brent announced, throwing his former self down onto the bed and reaching down to grab at the bulge in his boxer briefs. “And I think it’s time I established some new rules. You understand… Luke?”

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