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DC: Bronze Arrow Statue

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

For my friend @writer-ofstuff on his birthday!

Oliver had made a mistake and he already knew it. The arrival of a new villainous metahuman in Star City meant trouble and he was determined to make sure things didn’t get out of hand. Most of his team were out of the city working on their own cases - Laurel off with the Birds of Prey, Diggle enjoying some time with Lyla and Felicity visiting Barry. It wasn’t as if Oliver had never taken on an opponent solo but he was so used to having back-up that he felt just a little rusty. Still he wasn’t the type to back down, even if the sudden appearance of numerous bronze statues in the streets suggested that the meta had some kind of transformative powers.

“Stop right there,” he growled, having hunted the meta down to an abandoned factory district in the Glades. They were totally alone and Oliver already had a stun arrow docked in his bow, ready to put the meta down before he could do any more damage. “You’re going to turn around with your hands up and surrender.”

The meta slowly turned, raising his hands in the air as he was instructed to. His eyes were closed and his lips pulled into a smirk more befitting of a villain that had the upper hand rather than one who had been caught and was about to be locked up. “I wondered when you’d catch up with me, Green Arrow,” the meta responded, his voice impossibly deep and sending shivers down Oliver’s spine. It wasn’t often he heard somebody with a deeper voice than him, especially as it didn’t seem to be modulated like his own was.

“I don’t know what you’ve done to those people but you’re going to fix it and then you’re going to be put in Iron Heights,” the hero declared, not messing around a moment. He slowly began to step forward, still keeping his bow and arrow focused on the meta. “Do you understand?”

“That’s not going to happen, hero,” the meta laughed, finally opening his eyes and revealing the golden glow of his pupils. Immediately Oliver found himself totally rooted to the unable to move. “I’ve got a very different plan in store for you.”

What’s he doing to me? Panic began to creep in as Oliver continued to struggle at the unseen power holding him incredibly still. He couldn’t even open his mouth to scream or blink his watering eyes. No, this can’t be happening. I’ve got to fight it! How could he fight it though? He had no defense against this and as the meta slowly sauntered towards him Oliver realized he could no longer feet his feet or his legs.

“You know, I’ve enjoyed decorating the streets with my statues but I don’t think I want to leave you lying around for anybody to see,” the meta drawled, rubbing his palms together. “You’re definitely worthy of joining my private collection.” Private collection? What the hell is he talking about? Oliver’s mind was working overtime as he continued to struggle against the impossible stillness that had overtaken his body and the strange sensation of losing all feeling in his torso, rising ever upwards.

Bow still drawn in front of him, Oliver screamed inside of his own mind as he saw a bronze sheen ripple across his arm and weapon, giving it the perfect imitation of a statue. He tried desperately to fight back but he felt so incredibly weak that he knew he was never going to succeed. He was out of luck and there was nobody to have his back either. Hopefully Felicity would be able to track his last whereabouts when she returned from helping Barry and the team would be able to take the meta down because without Oliver the whole of Star City would be defenseless…

The meta paused in front of Oliver, his wicked smirk crueller than ever. “My finest creation. You’ll look so good decorating my yard. Of course people might suspect what I’ve done but, well, who has the power to stop me?” he gloated before surging forward and placing a kiss against Oliver’s lips right as his face was overtaken by the bronze sheen that coated the rest of his body. The hero could still feel absolutely everything and disgust rolled inside of him at being kissed by a villain but there was nothing he could do.

Even more worryingly, he could already hear a part of his mind urging him to accept his new life as nothing more than a decoration for his master’s home. No, no, no… I’m the Green Arrow! I’m the…

The Bronze Arrow?

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