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Blaine’s Superhero Suit

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

“Hey boss, you wanted to see me?” Miles asked, stepping into Burnie’s office and smiling at the older man. They had a pretty open and friendly relationship, much the same way most employees at Rooster Teeth did. They were a family and as such being called into his boss’ office wasn’t as much of an intimidating concept as it was to other young men his age.

Burnie looked up from his laptop and beamed. “Hey buddy, take a seat,” he invited before returning to finish typing out his latest business email. Being one of the founders of a wildly successful online production company kept him busy at the best of times and not even during emergency meetings could he keep his focus on one thing. There was simply too much to do! “How do you feel about doing us a massive favor?”

“Sure. What do you need?” Miles didn’t even have to hesitate before answering. Despite knowing the company’s reputation for jokes and pranks that toed the line of decency, Miles was never afraid to put his body or humility on the line for some entertaining content.

Burnie cleared his throat and spared a brief glance up from his laptop before announcing, “We need a new superhero suit for Blaine. The last one ripped when he was flexing - how else, of course - for the photoshoots so now we need a new one for filming.”

A frown began to form on the younger man’s face. He worked in the animation department and occasionally as talent so how the hell was he going to get Blaine a new suit? “Um, did you want me to ask Costuming?” he asked meekly, feeling fairly sure that he was missing a key piece of information somewhere.

Instead of a clarification, Miles was instead greeted by Burnie’s wheezing laugh. He couldn’t help but chuckle along, even if he was helplessly confused. “Miles, we want you to be the costume,” Burnie finally explained. “There’s no time for Costuming to make a new one, hence why we’re asking you.”

Miles simply stared. This had to be the most insane prank had ever tired to pull off. How the hell was Miles going to be Blaine’s superhero suit for the brand new webseries the company was producing? They had achieved a number of amazing things over the years but there was no way they could make him an inanimate suit. Nope, no way.

“Fuck it, sure, I’m in,” he agreed, willing to play Burnie’s bluff. The older man seemed momentarily surprised before he relaxed into a smile and pushed a letter across the desk along with a pen. 

“Read and sign,” the company founder advised his employee. Miles didn’t even bother to read - he simply signed his name on the dotted line and grinned. He was absolutely certain there was no way he was falling victim to this prank. Not even he was that dumb!

“Damn Miles, you are a snug fit,” Blaine purred to his superhero suit the moment the director had called cut on the scene. While he’d had his doubts that Burnie would really be able to transform one of his colleagues into a replacement costume once he’d accidentally busted open the first with his flexing, he was certainly glad that he’d put Miles’ name forward. He was a good buddy and now Blaine got to share his company even more often - only this time with Miles as an item of clothing that tightly hugged every inch of his muscular body.

When Burnie had pitched the idea of making their old “Tinder: The Superhero Movie” into a webseries with the company’s backing, Blaine had been delighted. He loved being on camera and more importantly loved wearing tight catsuits and costumes that showed off all the hard work he put into his body. He knew he had a lot to be proud of and there were definitely people out there who appreciated it too. In fact there was a fan with the twitter handle jackattack that all but begged him every day to get back into the black leather catsuit from Eleven Little Roosters and judging by the amount of likes and retweets, Jack wasn’t the only thirsty fan out there either.

Apparently Burnie had “connections” with this business-type guy going by Mr Cavanaugh who the company had called in a few times to help them achieve a number of transformations over the years - including cloning Gavin for the Ten Little Roosters series - and he had been more than happy to help them out in return for a favor. When Blaine had asked what the favor was, Burnie had simply smiled and responded, “You’ll find out soon.” It had sent a chill down Blaine’s spine but he opted not to dwell on it for too long. 

The best part of the deal though was that they hadn’t even needed to use Mr Cavanaugh’s expertise to influence Miles into agreeing to be his suit. The guy signed up for it without even reading the agreement. If he had then he’d know that he had signed up to be the costume for a whole six weeks shooting schedule before finally being turned back into himself. He went absolutely everywhere with Blaine and got feel every flex of his muscles and every unannounced bulge. 

At first Blaine had struggled to stop himself from getting hard almost instantly upon putting the tight suit on and after the past seven days Miles had tasted Blaine’s cum at least five times. Considering he still had another five weeks, that number was sure to rise. There were times though that Blaine was convinced he could hear his friend moaning in delight, so he didn’t feel particularly bad about it. He liked to think that Miles was having just as much fun on set as he was!

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