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Birthday Volunteer

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

Wishing a very happy birthday to my good friend @the-craftsman!

Another year older eh, good Craftsman? I couldn’t let the day pass without presenting you with a little gift, as our friendship has been well documented and a man of your caliber surely deserved something special to celebrate his day. Thankfully in our line of work it’s never too difficult to find something appropriate for our closest friends - sometimes the gifts even volunteer themselves!

I must say that this gift comes highly recommended from yours truly, as I’ve been very familiar with his body in the past. In fact if memory serves me right, you had some involvement in that so consider this returning the favor. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride as I present my gift to you. 

Would you like a little preview? I’m sure you would - after all, who doesn’t like being teased?

Quite a delicious sight, huh? If you take a look down at your right arm you should be seeing that very same art appearing on your skin, red petals forming a beautiful rose and black ink decorating the flesh in a variety of patterns. The rest of your skin lightens several shades while your forearms take on a thicker, stronger appearance. The growth continues up your arms, blessing you with firm biceps and broad shoulders that help you fill out the once-loose salmon v-neck you had picked out that morning.

Your jeans become tighter both from the sudden presence of a firm bubble butt and the bulging of your crotch as the familiar arousal that accompanies a transformation begins to settle in. I have no doubt that you recognize the sensations that come from my magic but rest assured this isn’t one of my usual tricks. Settle back and enjoy yourself because you’re only going to be getting hotter in the next few minutes!

Feel your thighs grow muscular, stretching the jeans out while your feet experience a similar growth, expanding several sizes. Wiggling your toes through your socks, you can’t help but chuckle to yourself and note in interest that your voice is deeper and gruffer than anticipated. Unable to resist, your hand began to massage the bulge in your pants, taking your time to feel the thick shaft beneath the fabric.

Go on, keep playing with yourself. You clearly want to and it’s doing wonders by accelerating the transformation which I must say is quite the sight to behold. Your chest is beefing out with two glorious pecs that would make any twink (or jock, take your pick) drool and a clearly defined set of abs that showcase a serious workout ethic. There’s a lot to be proud of and with a little bit of my mental persuasion as an added bonus, you won’t be shy about it either.

Let the transformation wash over your face, allowing model good looks to take dominance as they construct a familiar visage. I must say you’re already wearing that body well - nobody will deny you’re sex on legs now and should you desire to, you won’t struggle to find company for a long and exciting birthday night! Go on, cum. That’s it, give into the desire…

Now that you’re settled in, how about a look in the mirror? 

That’s right, Dustin volunteered to be your birthday gift and I was more than happy to wrap him up for you! For the next twenty-four hours you’ll have full control over his body to enjoy the life of a gorgeous model-turned-fitness icon! After that though, you’ll have a whole week to do whatever you want to Dustin too so get thinking! Personally I think he’d enjoy being a pair of tight boxer briefs on whatever body you pick next…

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