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An Adjustment Of Roles

Tom Holland could hardly believe what he was looking at. He’d spent countless hours in the gym getting his body into shape for his role as Spider-Man but it was nothing - absolutely nothing - compared to the muscularity that the hunky Chris Evans possessed.

He had always felt a tinge of attraction towards the older man and struggled to keep that a secret when they were on set together filming the next Avengers movie but the current situation Tom found himself wasn’t any ordinary day on set for him and the gorgeous hunk that portrayed Captain America for the silver screen. This time he wasn’t simply staring at Chris’ body from across the scene whenever he dared to steal a glance though - he was looking down at those gorgeous muscles through Chris’ own eyes!

Somehow, against all the laws of science and the far reaches of their combined belief systems, Tom Holland and Chris Evans had switched bodies and absolutely nothing made sense anymore.

Had the change merely been an increase in height from Tom’s own 5′8″ to Chris’ taller 6′8″ frame it perhaps might have been easier to adapt to but Chris’ body came with a considerable weight increase thanks to the muscle packed onto his body and Tom could hardly find his balance during those first few moments in the older man’s body. It was only due to his eagerness to explore the body that he quickly adapted to the increased height and weight because he sure as hell wasn’t about to limit himself. He was currently in control of a body that he had lusted after for years and what idiot wouldn’t want to feel every muscle and enjoy pleasuring themselves when they had the body of an adonis?

Within an hour Tom had made himself quite at home in his co-star’s body, stripping down out of his clothes and hitting climax multiple times. Unaware of how long the swap would last, he had even sent a number of sexually suggestive pictures and video clips to his own phone, only to be startled by how receptive to them the real Chris - evidently in his body - seemed to be concerning those messages. Sure, there was an insistence that they work out how to fix things but Tom was more than happy to ignore that point.

Every dark fantasy Tom had ever had about the actor - and they certainly predated his casting of Spider-Man as Chris’ role as Johnny Storm in the old Fantastic 4 movies had opened Tom’s eyes all that time ago. He’d dreamed of having a body like that for himself with rippling muscles, a gorgeous face and the ability to hold himself with such casual confidence but his young adult life had failed to live up to those expectations - until that very moment, of course.

While there was no denying that wearing tight shirts that showed off his impressive pecs and biceps was great and stripping down into the nude always provided a great show, there was something about wearing that iconic Captain America suit that Tom loved above all else. He had always thought Cap was an awesome superhero - perhaps even better than Spider-Man - and the suit looked absolutely great on Chris’ body. 

He couldn’t help but pose and flex in front of the mirror for a solid twenty minutes before he was finally called to set and he knew without a doubt that he would have spent a lot longer there too if he hadn’t needed to get to work.

It was hardly surprising that their co-stars noticed something of a change in both Chris and Tom’s attitudes although none could have possibly predicted what had caused it. Truthfully a few were rather enjoying how frequently they caught ‘Chris’ flexing and showing off his muscular body as if he’d never had that kind of strength before. 

Pretty soon his co-stars began to joke that ‘Chris’ was clearly getting laid and when everybody realized that the jokes made ‘Tom’ blush they presumed that he was the lucky guy getting under the sheets with the hunky star of the Captain America franchise.

By the time shooting on the next Avengers movie wrapped up, those jokes about the sexual relationship between the two actors were no longer just jokes. The new Chris had used every bit of charisma and charm he possessed to lure his co-star into his trailer where they finally consummated the lust that had been brewing between them for months. Neither man knew that the act would lock them in their new bodies for good - although by that point it was hardly troublesome news to either of them.

In fact, Chris would go as far as to say it was a welcome resolution!

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