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All Over Him

When I wished to be “all over” my sister’s hunky boyfriend, this really isn’t what I meant. I was visualizing us both naked with me straddling his lap and riding his cock while screaming his name, not being every individual item of his gym gear. Sure I might be hugging his strong muscles but this isn’t what I wanted, damn it!

I was a goner from the moment Melanie introduced me to Duke and how could I not be? He was precisely my type with those big muscles and gorgeous face, particularly the well-styled facial hair. He was a perfect combination of everything that made me weak at the knees and I have no doubt that my sister, a notorious bitch, enjoyed flaunting him in my face. She had to know exactly how I felt about Duke and was using it as yet another punishment for me since I’d always been our parents’ favorite. It wasn’t as if I’d chosen to be!

Even if Duke wasn’t dating Melanie I know I’d be shit outta luck. He’s as straight as he can be and damn proud of it too, always harping on about how he “doesn’t get me” because I’m gay and thinks that “my people” make a big fuss out of nothing. It’s a pretty toxic outlook to have and I know I should find him repulsive because of it but I’ve never exactly been the smartest guy in the world and I’ve always been the type to want whatever I can’t have. Duke’s the epitome of that.

I’m not the kind of guy who really believes in wishes or magic but when I saw a shooting star the night before my twenty-third birthday I figured it couldn’t hurt. Perhaps if there was some higher power out of there they’d decide to be nice and give me a bit of luck as a birthday gift. Hell, I wouldn’t care if it was even just a dick pic or shirtless selfie mistakenly sent to me, my thirst for Duke was so real that even that would suffice.

I awoke to darkness and the inability to move. I was understandably freaked out but presumed I was in some sort of sleep paralysis. I’d only ever read about it and it scared the hell outta me but I knew it would eventually wear off as long as I remained calm. Seconds passed into minutes though and the worry began to creep into my mind. I couldn’t see anything and my hearing was mostly muted too, as if I had been enclosed in a tiny space.

My confusion was finally answered by the loud sound of paper ripping and light suddenly flooding my vision. A second later and Duke’s head appeared above me, only much larger than I’d seen it before. Had he somehow grown overnight? “Huh, I don’t remember ordering any of this,” he murmured, his deep voice sending shivers throughout my body. He was staring right at me but it was like he didn’t really acknowledge my presence at all.

I attempted to make an excuse for what was going on but found myself totally unable to talk. Duke’s hand reached down and grabbed me by my forehead, pulling me up - and completely apart from the rest of my body! I was horrified until I realized I didn’t feel any pain and the longer I was held in Duke’s hands, the more I realized that my head no longer resembled a human head. I was left wondering what had become of me for only a few seconds until Duke pulled me onto his head and I realized I had become a cap.

From my higher perspective, I could see what had become of the rest of my body - inside an open parcel was a light grey compression top and a pair of black track pants. Even though I was unable to move I knew they were part of me too and as Duke grabbed the compression top another blast of pleasure rocked throughout my fabric body. 

“This is gonna be a tight fit,” he grunted, throwing the cap off and beginning to pull the shirt over his muscular torso. I found myself stretched over those spectacular muscles and having his pecs and biceps forcing me out caused a sensation that I could only compare to an orgasm. It was glorious.

Within minutes every part of me had been pulled onto Duke, even the size twelve sneakers that my feet had become. I was “all over” Duke’s body, just as I’d wished to be, only I had never anticipated it being like this. 

I was simultaneously horrified and aroused at my situation, unsure of what I wanted to happen next. Did I want my real life back or was I content like this? It was certainly the closest I would ever get to my dream of worshiping Duke’s muscles and I’ve got to admit that from his flexing in front of the mirror I’m a damn perfect fit for him…

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