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Teen Wolf: Added To The Collection

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

This story is part of a collaboration with my good friend @tfstation. Make sure you go check out his part of the story over on his blog!

There was just something about outsmarting Scott McCall that gave Theo a real rush of adrenaline and pleasure. It wasn’t as if such a feat was a rarity - in fact he managed it quite regularly but it never really got old. Scott had a soft heart and he wanted to believe that everybody could be redeemed but some folks just weren’t interested in playing the hero role. Theo was one of those people. He had far too much fun manipulating Scott and his pack for his own amusement and every time they played right into his hands.

McCall’s pack had made quite a number of powerful enemies, far more than they’d even realized. It wasn’t just packs of Alphas or demons seeking the power of the Nemeton either. Creatures that Theo had never even heard of wormed their way out of the woodwork to strike and yet still Scott and his merry band of idiots wandered blindly into danger more often than not. It was almost endearing really.

One such enemy had approached Theo to make a deal, knowing that the chimera’s unique position in Scott’s circle would make him the ideal person to take the Beacon Hills pack down for good. The warlock didn’t demand help either, in fact he was kind enough to make an offer and it was one that Theo was more than happy to accept. All he had to do was deliver Scott to the warlock and he would be granted his rival’s Alpha powers to assume control of the pack. Theo might have been hesitant to believe him at first but a quick demonstration of the other’s power had him buying into the plan immediately.

Luring Scott into a trap was as easy as anything. All Theo had to do was fake the desire to redeem himself for his previous actions and he was able to get the Alpha alone. It would have been far more difficult if that hanger-on Stilinski had decided to get involved but Theo had a plan for the annoying twerp once he stole Scott’s alpha powers for himself. Punishing Stiles for all of the hindrances he had caused to his plans would certainly bring the chimera a lot of pleasure.

Once he had Scott alone, Theo was able to drug him from behind and smuggle the Alpha into the back of his car. It was only a short journey to the warlock’s location, a manor house in the woods surrounding the town, and Theo could feel his heartbeat rising throughout the drive. He was finally going to get everything he had waited so long for and it was going to be spectacular.

“I knew you were the right man for the job,” the warlock praised once Theo had carried Scott bridal-style into the man’s home and placed him in the middle of a pentagram on the floor. The presence of the warlock’s finger tracing along his jawline made Theo uncomfortable but he fought back his urge to snap at the older man for his behavior. After all, he didn’t want to put his reward in jeopardy and getting the Alpha power was all that was important to him.

“What are you going to do to him?” Theo asked, curious as to the fate of his classmate. While there wasn’t exactly much love lost between himself and Scott, he was remiss that he wasn’t the one to take the True Alpha down. He was merely a piece in somebody else’s game but he could at least console himself in the fact that he’d played an important role in Scott’s eventual downfall.

The warlock smiled, finally removing his hand from Theo’s face, and began to pace in a circle around the pentagram. “Why, I’ll be adding him to my collection, of course,” he explained, lips drawn into a thin smile. Theo wasn’t sure why but he found something rather unsettling about the expression, although he was quick to dismiss it. He wasn’t exactly the type to let any potential weakness show, after all.

Watching the man work was fascinating. Theo had never pretended to understand the ins-and-outs of magic, nor did he think he ever would, but seeing it in person was always enough to excite him. Accompanied by the knowledge of what would soon follow, of Theo finally getting what he deserved, the chimera was all but buzzing with desperate need for the situation to accelerate. Still, even he knew better than to try and rush a warlock at work, especially when they had promised such a wonderful reward.

Seeing Scott bested and trapped in the circle of mountain ash, Theo could only smirk at the other, happy to flaunt his victory. The other’s protests were music to his ears, a perfect symphony he’d be quite happy to hear go on forever. Unfortunately they were cut off somewhat prematurely as the warlock’s magic took hold, forcing Scott’s teeth together and robbing him of his own voice. Theo watched with interest as the other’s flesh became plastic and his face was frozen in a neutral expression, all before he began to shrink down until he was barely eight inches tall - a collectible action figure.

Seeing his greatest rival shrunken down and totally frozen for the rest of his days was enough to provoke a laugh from Theo and he applauded the warlock, all while admiring Scott’s new plastic form. The warlock made a hobby of collecting powerful supernatural creatures as action figures and had them on display for his own twisted pleasure, with Scott as just the latest to be transformed and soon boxed up and put on display. It was a cruel fate but one that the chimera was happy to sacrifice the other to if it would benefit himself.

“Now for your reward,” the warlock declared, placing Scott on his workbench and turning to Theo. The chimera puffed his chest out and stood a little straighter, ready to receive Scott’s alpha powers as he had been promised. He was going to make Beacon Hills his bitch and begin a new reign of terror, enslaving everyone who dared step in his way. Punishing Stiles in particular was going to bring him a whole lot of delight.

Even as the cocky smirk spread across his face, Theo found himself suddenly frozen to the spot. His heartbeat accelerated as he quickly understood what was happening - he had been double crossed! Theo immediately began to scream for help but the only person who might have even come to his aid was now nothing more than an action figure, staring at him from the warlock’s desk. There was no mistaking that the other’s fate would soon befall him too and for the first time in a long while Theo was terrified.

“You didn’t think I could let such an interesting creature as yourself go, did you?” the warlock asked, his lips spreading into a sick smile as he began to repeat the incantation that had transformed Scott into his new form only minutes earlier. A tingling sensation began in Theor’s fingers, quickly spreading up through his arms and along his chest as his body started to become rigid. Theo was desperate to look down at himself but his neck had become stiff and moments later he could no longer move his mouth, silencing his protests. His entire upper body felt numb and his lower body was quick to follow as his body forced itself into a pose, the joints snapping into place as the limbs became detachable.

The burning heat that began in Theo’s crotch made him uncomfortably hard but he was robbed of any potential moment of climax as the magic caught up with the remainder of his body. Theo couldn’t feel a single part of his body and even his own thoughts and emotions were being dampened by whatever spell he had been placed under. The burning rage he had felt at the betrayal became little more than a whimper as the chimera was reduced in size and easily snatched up into the other’s hand.

Placed next to Scott on the workbench, Theo was forced into a new pair of doll clothes and then neatly placed into a clear plastic box that was promptly sealed up. He was trapped, just like Scott, and would spend the remainder of his days as nothing more than an item for display as part of the other’s collection. Theo could only hope that Scott’s friends were foolish enough to launch a rescue operation and even take pity on him one more time, allowing him to escape and plan another way to beat Scott once and for all…

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