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A New Fitness Plan

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

This story is part of a collaboration with my good friend Bizz! You can find his half of the story over on his blog here!

Time and time again Jonas had been told that he needed to make a major change in his life to be happy. It certainly made sense but major changes weren’t exactly easy to put into place. He didn’t have enough money to move to another city and wasn’t qualified to do anything other than the monotonous office job he had been stuck in for eight full years. Aside from maybe switching around his diet, Jonas simply wasn’t sure what he could do.

“Why don’t you get a personal trainer?” one friend suggested, provoking a laugh from the thirty-six year old man. Even back in his school days he hadn’t been in shape and his last experience with a gym had been at the age of twenty-three. There was no denying that he’d put quite a lot of weight on since then and he most certainly didn’t have the self-confidence to try and improve his flabby body in such a public place. The fear of being mocked was simply too strong and besides, working out sounded exhausting.

As such, the idea of getting a personal trainer was easily brushed off. “I couldn’t ever afford one,” he replied dismissively. “Besides, why should I pay for a pretty boy to stand there and taunt me while I sweat like a pig?” There was precisely nothing appealing about that scenario, especially since Jonas couldn’t remember a single time that he’d ever been capable of holding even the most simple conversation with a guy that he found attractive.

Jonas let the insane idea float into the ether after that - or so he thought. By simple chance a new folder was dropped onto his desk at work just a few days later and he was surprised to find that the man in question was a personal trainer. Alex Crockford, he read, thinking little of the name as he got to work.

Upon discussing Mr Crockford’s case with a colleague later in the day, they informed Jonas that he was something of a well-known name in the fitness industry and kindly directed him towards Alex’s Instagram account. Jonas was stunned by what he saw, even though he knew it shouldn’t have been much of a surprise considering his reputation. Even for a personal trainer, Alex was drop-dead gorgeous!

While he knew that he would never have the commitment or the money to work with a personal trainer for the foreseeable future, the prospect of being in close company with such a stud was thoroughly exciting. Much to his surprise, Alex was even nice to talk to over the phone and didn’t seem at all bothered by his stumbling over words, especially as his brain painted delightful images of the fitness model shirtless and flexing in front of the mirror. 

Over the next few days, the thought of training with Alex occupied Jonas’ mind more than anything ever had before. Even though he knew the experience would be humiliating, the thought had taken his mind hostage and he knew that he would have to give in or would quite simply go insane. Deciding to take the leap and try to sum up some bravery for once, Jonas pulled together some money he had in reserve and booked a private training session with the newfound object of his desires. 

The fact Jonas was traveling to London from Birmingham for the session was probably a sign that he was in way over his head but over the past several weeks he had become all but obsessed with Alex. His phone buzzed with a notification every time he uploaded a new image and even Jonas’ colleagues were beginning to notice how many sudden bathroom breaks he was taking, although none suspected that it was because he had the sudden desperate urge to jerk off right then and there.

With his obsession bubbling over and the date of his very first session with Alex approaching, Jonas knew that he needed to do something extreme. He simply wouldn’t be satisfied being just another client, he wanted Alex all to himself. Jonas’ mind was bubbling over with intense emotions and as he finally made his way down to the capital, he knew what had to be done. Extreme measures would be taken but he didn’t feel a drop of remorse.

After all, everybody had told him he needed to make a major change. Was there any change quite as major as taking on a new body and identity?

Jonas could tell that Alex wasn’t exactly impressed with what he saw when they exchanged greetings, although the other man was far too polite to admit his disgust. That hardly mattered though because Jonas was only there for one purpose and pretty soon Alex’s negative opinion of him and his overweight body would be the least of the fitness model’s worries.

“We’ll start you off gentle, yeah?” Alex asked, his handsome face sporting a smile that would make most swoon but only made Jonas hungry for what was to come. He had marveled over the other man’s beauty for the past month and finally being in the presence of such a stud was almost overwhelming, especially considering the tricks he had up his sleeve. Alex would never see it coming but that made the whole scenario just that much more enticing.

Going along with whatever was instructed of him, Jonas did his best to struggle with the weights that Alex had him lifting, all the while keeping his attention on the other man’s gorgeous body. His tank top was tight around his lean chest, showing off a defined pec shelf, and he wore dark green workout shorts that left very little to the imagination. Jonas knew that Alex had probably caught him checking him out by now but he simply couldn’t stop himself with such goods on proud display for the world to see!

After what felt like a lifetime, Alex suggested that they grab some water and Jonas insisted that he fill up their water bottles while Alex readied the next equipment for them. The poor man was too trusting for his own good and handed his water bottle over to his newest client, hardly suspecting what the fallout of such a minor thing would be. As Jonas stood at the water fountain, he slipped a small clear pill into Alex’s bottle and watched it dissolve into the water, completely invisible to the human eye.

It didn’t take long for Alex to start feeling the effects of Jonas’ little pill once he had returned the bottle to him. He’d taken a big gulp of water without even a moment’s hesitation, thinking nothing suspect of his client’s bright smile. Why would he when he knew that despite their size differences, he would most certainly have the edge in a fight with the overweight and under-trained Jonas? Blissfully for Jonas, that wouldn’t quite be the case for too much longer and within minutes Alex was looking a little greener and wasn’t standing quite as steadily on his feet.

When Alex excused himself for an emergency bathroom break, Jonas was quick to follow him back to the locker room under the guise of checking on him when really he just wanted the opportunity to observe the other man’s transformation. He certainly wasn’t disappointed either as he was greeted by the sight of the gorgeous personal trainer losing his humanity and dropping to the locker room floor as the very same green workout shorts he had been rocking just moments beforehand. 

Like a man possessed Jonas surged forward and collected the shorts from the ground, delighted by their warmth in his hands. Without a moment to spare he stripped out of his own workout clothes until he was stood entirely in the nude and then pulled on Alex in his new fabric form. They were quite a tight fit around his flabby thighs but the more Jonas tugged on them, the easier they began to sit around his waist. 

Wearing the shorts brought Jonas a pleasure the likes of which he’d never experienced before, nor thought he could quite eloquently describe. His whole body was warm and his brain was immediately flooded with unfamiliar thoughts of working out in the gym and having sex with gorgeous women - and even some men! It looked like Alex was keeping some secrets after all, as the newfound thoughts and memories surely belonged to him.

Stepping closer to a mirror in order to admire his changes, Jonas was delighted by the sight of his gut retracting into his body only to be replaced by clear-cut six-pack abs, the likes of which someone could probably grate cheese on. Running a hand over them, Jonas let a moan escape his lips and noticed that the intonation was already different from what he was used to. 

A tribal tattoo faded into existence on his left shoulder which was much broader than it had been earlier in the day. Flexing his arms, Jonas was greeted by the delightful sight of bulging biceps and firm triceps. There was no mistaking his strength and he was most certainly eager to test it out sooner rather than later.

I hope you’re enjoying this as much as I am, the formerly-overweight man thought, knowing there was no way the fitness model could hear him. Still, Alex would probably get the message considering how tight his shorts were around the hard length of his cock. Even just a glance down at the tent it had formed confirmed that he was packing more heat down there than ever before!

Reaching down to grope himself through Alex’s new inanimate body, Jonas smirked at his reflection as his chubby cheeks and wide nose thinned out. His whole visage changed in mere moments, taking him from below average to a face that would definitely stand out in a crowd. He now had the face he’d been dreaming about for weeks on end and it wore a cocky smirk so damn perfectly.

Finally departing the locker room, Jonas allowed the newfound memories of spending years in the gym to perfect his lean and athletic body take over. He was getting to work in no time at all, pushing the limits of his new body and enjoying every single moment of it too! The fact that he had a few people watching him at work was the icing on the cake, inflating his rapidly growing ego.

“Hey Alex, where’d that new client of yours go?” one of the other personal trainers asked, glancing around for any sign of the man Jonas had been upon entering the establishment. There was no way he was going to be found though, not that anybody would even really miss him.

“Oh, he bailed. Couldn’t handle the effort,” the new Alex Crockford replied, feigning sympathy for his former self. “I can’t say I’m too upset though. Gives me more time to work on all this!” He waved his arms down to indicate his body and smirked when he saw his fellow personal trainer check him out. He was the type of guy who’d never look twice at Jonas before but as Alex? He was totally irresistible now!

Well, life was certainly definitely going to be different in this new body. For once Jonas was willing to admit that his friends had been right all along - he really had needed to make that change!

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