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A Meeting With Mr Cavanaugh

Updated: Mar 23, 2019

Just like any actor in Hollywood, Brant Daugherty knew precisely what to expect when he opened the solid black envelope which his name had been written upon in clear silver cursive. He’d almost believed that Mr Cavanaugh as an urban legend in the Hollywood circles, even if friends like Cody Christian claimed to have close dealings with the most elusive of men. 

Some said he was a warlock and others claimed he was some sort of god but they all agreed on the same thing - Mr Cavanaugh had the power to change your body, mind and life and it would be the best thing you’d ever experienced. As such, Brant was more than a little excited as he carefully pried the envelope open and pulled the black paper letter out.

The words were written in the same silver ink and were as clear as day - Brant had been summoned to a personal meeting with Mr Cavanaugh himself and this was not an opportunity he would want to pass up. As if he’d let that happen. After everything that he’d heard whispered among friendship circles he was more than a little curious. 

What would Mr Cavanaugh want with him anyway? That was something he definitely wanted an answer for. Brant already couldn’t help but feel special for being summoned to a private meeting. He felt a compulsion to meet with the man that far exceeded simple human desire, as if it was somehow mystical in nature. Given everything he had heard about Mr Cavanaugh, Brant wasn’t too sure that wasn’t precisely the case.

The location provided was an expensive restaurant in downtown LA, one that was certainly out of Brant’s price range. The choice of location only raised more questions and he was hoping meeting the man in person would answer at least some of them.

After donning his most expensive suit and polishing his shoes, Brant was surprised to find he actually felt nervous when he stepped into the back of the limo that had arrived to collect him. The casual displays of wealth were somewhat alarming and only continued to increase the mystique around the man he was preparing to meet. Would he be kind or cold? Funny or serious? He was mere minutes away and yet still Brant couldn’t stop himself from asking more questions.

Brant’s heart raced as he was led through the restaurant to a private room at the back. Immediately he noticed the huge glass windows giving a glorious view of the city. Then he noticed the well-dressed man stood in front of it, a glass of scotch in his hands and sensual look in his eye as he smiled at Brant.

“Hello Mr Daugherty,” he said in a deep voice that sent shivers throughout the actor’s whole body. “It’s a pleasure to finally meet you.”

“Mr… Cavanaugh?” Brant asked in reply, realizing moments later that he already had his reply. Somehow he already knew that the man before him was Mr Cavanaugh, as if his brain had just offered up the information free of charge. Either way, the polite smile he received in response was further confirmation that this was the man so many of his castmates had interacted with in the past.

“Please take a seat,” Mr Cavanaugh requested. Brant’s body felt like it was on autopilot, moving forward without his control until he had taken a seat at the large round table already filled with food. At any other moment in time Brant might have panicked at the sudden loss of control but in the other man’s presence he felt strangely calm and accepting of it.

Realizing he had regained control over his body, Brant craned his head to glance at the dishes on the table. The food varied from main course pieces to sides and even candy and desserts. Much to Brant’s delight, it seemed like every single one of his favorite meals was present in one manner or other. How Mr Cavanaugh knew precisely what he liked the actor didn’t know but he was past the point of questioning. Answers would only come by listening.

“Hungry?” Mr Cavanaugh asked as he took his seat opposite Brant. While he’d had a snack prior to getting into the limo, Brant was surprised to fin that his stomach suddenly felt very empty and practically growled in desperation for some sort of food. Knowing that the loud noise had totally busted him, Noel meekly smiled and nodded. “Help yourself to the barbecue chicken. It’s your favorite, right?”

Once again Brant found himself moving without any intention to, loading his plate with the succulent-looking BBQ chicken and quickly getting to work on it. Across from him Mr Cavanaugh merely watched, making no movement to retrieve any food for himself. “How much do you know about me, Brant?” he asked, the corners of his lips pulling up into a smirk.

“Not much,” the actor confessed immediately, surprising himself with his honesty. “Cody talks about you a lot but I’m never sure when he’s just bullshitting with me.”

The mention of Cody hardly seemed to surprise Mr Cavanaugh as his smirk only grew wider. “Oh? And what does he say about me?” he inquired, his voice smooth and velvety enough to send a shiver down Brant’s spine.

“That you can change the world around you. Transform people into anything you want,” Brant mumbled through mouthfuls of food. He simply couldn’t stop eating the chicken, nor did he want to. “Switch their bodies, possess them, give them muscles or take them away…”

“Now that you’ve met me, do you believe your friend?”

Brant didn’t even need to think about his answer. “Yes.” His plate was finally clear of the BBQ chicken and he felt so much better for eating as much as he had. Lifting his arms up above his head, he flexed them for a moment and was pleased to find Mr Cavanaugh appeared impressed by the sight. The suit felt much tighter around Brant’s body, particularly around the upper arms and pecs, than he remembered but he supposed that wasn’t really a bad thing. He had a good body, he should be proud of it!

“Blackberries?” Mr Cavanaugh asked suddenly, holding out a bowl of the fruit in question towards him. Brant gladly took a handful, having found memories of enjoying them as a kid, and dropped one into his mouth. His taste buds exploded in pleasure and he quickly replaced the first blackberry with another. With every blackberry that passed between his lips, the light stubble he had attempted to rid himself of just hours before began to itch even more. 

By the time the blackberries were all gone from his hand a thick black beard had grown across his jawline, immediately giving him a far more rugged appearance. Brant’s heart began to beat a little faster as he realized what was happening to him, but he didn’t feel scared nor angry. He was actually rather excited to see what else Mr Cavanaugh had in store for him.

The next offering was a hot dog which Brant quickly wolfed down. He was immediately rewarded by a growing hardness in his pants and a glance down revealed an obscene bulge that confirmed he wasn’t simply hard but his cock had grown longer and thicker too.

A small portion of pasta increased the thickness of the hair covering his forearms and legs. Just a single piece of Hershey’s Kisses candy began to introduce sexual thoughts and desires concerning men into his mind. A sip of whiskey had him growling in a deeper voice. Every little change made Brant feel more and more at peace with what was happening and he finally understood why his friends spoke about Mr Cavanaugh with such respect and admiration.

After what must have been an hour of consuming whatever he was told to eat, Brant felt amazing. His body felt like it was being fueled with fire and was strong enough to take on the world. When Mr Cavanaugh instructed him to stand by the window, he did so without question. 

Feeling a warmth against his back followed by the slightest of pressure, Brant let out a breath and relaxed his body. He knew precisely what was coming. He had figured it out part of the way through his meal and he was not only at peace with it but was actively excited. In fact he felt honored that out of everybody he could have chosen, Mr Cavanaugh wanted his body as his next public face.

Within moments Brant had given up control of his body entirely and was relegated to the passenger seat inside of his own mind. He was surrounded by waves of pleasure, keeping him quite content as Mr Cavanaugh raised his arms and pulled a double bicep flex. While he had always had a well-toned body, Brant was honestly amazed at just how muscular his body now appeared to be. His entire presence seemed to ooze masculinity and it would be a wonder if anybody could possibly resist him, especially considering the mysterious allure that surrounded Mr Cavanaugh.

The man cracked a smile as he stared at his new reflection in the window. Once again it was a job well done, but what else was to be expected after so many years in the game? He was just pleased that so many handsome men accepted him voluntarily. Brant would definitely be rewarded down the line for his dedication, he would make sure of it.

“Thank you, Mr Daugherty. I’ll take it from here.”

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