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WWEEK: Finn Bálor

Ben had been a fan of pro wrestling for as long as he could remember - back when WWE was known as the WWF and before that. He lived a fairly miserable life in a job that he hated with a girlfriend that he was only still with because neither of them earned enough to move out. He was desperately looking for a escape from his boredom and WWE became that. He loved how outlandish it was from the crazy storylines to the extreme action and he wished desperately that he could somehow be involved. 

It was pretty clear to Ben that becoming a wrestler was nothing but a pipe-dream though and one he’d never achieve considering he was nearing his forties and hadn’t been in shape since his days as a football player back in high school. He was well past the prime of his life and uncomfortably aware of it whereas some of those wrestlers were older than him and in much better shape too.

Even though he had a number of wrestlers that he would call himself a big fan of, it was one-time NXT Champion Finn Bálor that he found himself favoring above all else. It wasn’t just that he thought the other man was a great wrestler, he also found himself admiring how handsome he was which was a surprise for Ben considering he had always considered himself to be straight. There was something about Finn’s raw masculinity that got him going though and he had decided not to question the sexual fantasies he’d started having about the other man.

Now that Finn was going to be returning from a legitimate injury, Ben was excited to see his favorite wrestler kick some ass again. Just as he settled down in front of the television though, the remote shocked him and his body began to spasm before he blacked out all together.

When Ben finally regained consciousness he was surprised to find that he was no longer in the lounge of his uncomfortable cramped house but instead in a fairly sizable dressing room and looking straight at Finn Bálor with his muscular chest exposed underneath his leather jacket! “Oh shit, I’m sor–” he gasped, breaking off his apology when he realized he was talking in an Irish accent and that Finn was saying the exact same words as him. It was almost embarrassing that Ben took several more seconds to realize he was looking into a mirror and as of that very moment he was Finn Bálor!

“Holy shit,” the new Finn croaked, still trying to get his head around what had happened. Somehow the shock he’d gotten from the remote had switched his body with his favorite wrestler’s as if it had read his mind or something! He’d heard rumors that there was something different about the Cavanaugh’s Electronics brand but he’d never anticipated that it meant this kind of difference because as far as he knew something like this was even possible!

“Hey pretty boy, you finished checking yourself out in there?” a gruff voice asked from the other side of the door, “Show’s starting! Better get ready!” Right, the match. Finn could hardly believe this was happening. Not only was he going to be at his favorite wrestler’s big comeback game but he was going to playing it as him! Somehow he knew precisely what was expected of him and as he made his way up towards the stage and the ring he realized that he was losing his old identity and truly becoming Finn Bálor! Sacrificing his old personality and memories felt like a very small price to pay for this blessing and as he heard the crowds roar in approval as he made his first appearance he knew he’d definitely made the right choice.

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