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Updated: Dec 15, 2018

Travis Wundermann had absolutely everything in life he could possibly want. He had been fortunate enough to be born into a family that possessed large quantities of money and none of them were shy about making that known. The family’s reputation as money-loving glory hounds was easy to believe and the apple hadn’t fallen too far from the tree with Travis either. In fact, some might even consider the young bachelor to be the very worst of the lot.

Growing up while being told that he was above everybody else that instilled an ongoing arrogance in Travis that had only gotten worse over the years. He treated those around him like slaves and was disdainful of anybody who lacked money. Travis was a notoriously bad boss to his house staff, throwing insults at them and firing them for the smallest misdeeds, but nobody dared challenge him. Everybody knew that confronting anybody from the Wundermann family was akin to social, emotional and financial suicide.

Eventually though Travis’ poor attitude would get him into some trouble he couldn’t simply buy his way out of. Some people aren’t so easily bought and crossing a warlock is dangerous for anyone, let alone somebody who views the rest of the world as being nothing more than a playground for them. Slowly but surely, the magic Travis was exposed to after angering the warlock (degrading the warlock’s wife while at a restaurant and pulling strings to have her fired when she turned down his advances) would take away everything he prized most in life - his intelligence, heritage, wealth and heterosexuality.

The morning after his disastrous experience in the restaurant which had ended in him having some raving chef escorted out while threatening to ‘curse’ him, Travis felt somewhat strange. He couldn’t put his finger on why but it felt like there was something missing in his life. Still, he hardly had time to sit around and think about it when he needed to go over a number of important files before the next company meeting with its shareholders.

As he sat down at the desk in his study to look over the files though, Travis was horrified to discover that he could no longer understand any of them! The reports were full of words that his brain simply couldn’t comprehend any longer - they might as well have been written in a whole other language! “Fuck” he mumbled under his breath, rapidly scanning through the pages to pick out what he could still read. “What the fuck is this?” 

After almost an hour of making his way through the documents, Travis finally called it a defeat. He wasn’t sure what had happened but the reports had clearly been misprinted. Why else would they be so unreadable? Still, something in his gut still didn’t feel right so he called into his office and all but demanded that they reschedule the meeting for a time that was more convenient for him. There was no questioning from the other end as Travis’ word was law in the company and had been since he’d assumed control from his father.

Spending the rest of his day feeling uncharacteristically anxious, Travis decided the only way he could calm down was to call over one of his favorite bimbos. She had once dated one of his many underlings at once but had wisely left her boyfriend for the superior man once he had shown his interest in her. She didn’t waste his time with conversation, she just got down onto her knees and showed him a good time. It was precisely what he needed to relax and she was the perfect distraction for the whole afternoon until he retreated back to his king-sized bed for some more much-needed rest.

The strange feeling had seemingly settled in his gut by the next morning and Travis once again couldn’t shake the thought that something was wrong with him. His initial instinct was to call back the slut he’d spent most of the previous day with - only to find him himself utterly repulsed by the thought. Why the fuck would I want to waste my time with her? With any women. Everybody knows that cock’s where it’s at!

The thought was invasive and immediately jarring for Travis. He had hardly made his distaste for the homosexual lifestyle secret and yet his cock had twitched in delight at the thought of getting fucked nice and hard by one of the many studs he had in his staff whereas a shiver of disgust had run through him at the thought of getting his hands on a pair of tits and fucking some broad’s tight pussy. It wasn’t like him at all and it was simultaneously terrifying and thrilling for some god-known reason.

While he initially did his best to stave off the homosexual thoughts that had invaded his mind, after forty minutes of being awake and unfairly horny he caved into temptation and lured the nineteen-year-old son of the family butler into his bedroom. The twink knew how to suck cock like a boss and had Travis moaning in delight, clutching tightly at anything he could get his hands on. He could safely say that no woman had ever made him feel that way - in fact he couldn’t understand why he’d ever been attracted to women in the first place. It just didn’t seem natural to him.

By the third morning Travis’ encounter with the waitress and her boyfriend back at the restaurant was completely gone from his mind, even the part where he’d been threatened with a curse. Perhaps that explained the sudden change to his reality as he woke up that morning in a smaller bed in a much smaller room. He was faintly aware of the fact that it wasn’t where he expected to wake up but a loud voice in his head told him that this was natural.

Looking into the mirror, Travis still recognized his features but was somewhat confused at how unkempt his hair look. His body was leaner too, with his abs popping out like some kind of underwear model. Travis had always been proud of his body for sure but he was never the type to describe himself as a gym bunny. Now it would be a perfect description for him, especially as he couldn’t stop himself from pouting at his reflection and pulling pose after pose. 

Gone was Travis Wundermann, the homophobic misogynist who had caused so much misery to others, and gone was the Wundermann fortune that funded his poor attitude. Instead, in his place was Travis Mann, a go-go dancer with barely enough intelligence to tie his shoelaces and several drawers full of sex toys, including the dildos he loved to pleasure himself with whenever he was running cam-shows for his viewers. After all, his broke ass had to make money somehow! Every now and then when he was feeling down on his luck for barely making rent or not getting many tips at the club, he’d glance up at those people working in the big skyscrapers and wonder how it would be to live such a rich and privileged life…


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