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Two Years

“I’ve told you, Scott, we’ll switch back when I stop having fun,” Clint sighed, staring at the young man now trapped in his elderly body. It was a little strange seeing the body he had lived his whole life in from the outside but he was definitely enjoying his second shot at youth. In many ways he thought Scott was even more handsome than he’d been and with people far more willing to be open about their sexuality he was having a lot of fun using Scott’s body to seduce a number of his female co-stars and fans. There were probably some morality issues involved there but did he really give a crap? Of course not.

“That’s not a real answer, dad!” Scott croaked angrily, his eyes wet. This hadn’t been easy on him, having his body and youth ripped away from him, but he’d been an obnoxious teenager and an even more arrogant young man. This was probably karma biting him in the ass for the poor way he’d treated his father all those years but it didn’t make it any easier to accept. “It’s been two years now! This is enough, I want my body back!”

“It’s been two years and I’m still having fun,” the older man replied dismissively, shrugging his shoulders as he turned away from the disappointing body he’d left behind to check out his current residence in the mirror. Maybe certain areas weren’t quite as large as what he was used to but he certainly wasn’t complaining about having firm muscles again and so much more energy than what his aging body provided. “Now if you’ve finished complaining I’ve got a date to get ready.”

Scott’s jaw pushed out in anger the same way it always did when his father flaunted what a good time he was having in his younger body. “Who’s the girl this time, huh?” He knew all too well that his father had seduced a good number of women over the past two years and given him a reputation in the film industry as something of a womanizer. It was frustrating for Scott, having his own career being driven ahead by his father and not getting a say in it.

The cocky smirk that Clint fired back only made Scott even angrier. “I never said anything about it being a girl,” his father pointed out. The shocked expression that crossed the other’s face made Clint burst out laughing. Even after all this time he was still able to get under Scott’s skin - although hadn’t he already done that quite literally too? “You millennials are so open to give anything a shot once so I thought why not?” he continued, beginning to strip out of his shirt to show everything he had taken from his son, “Who knows, maybe I’ll enjoy playing around with another guy’s junk. I’ve certainly had some fun with yours after all! See you later, old man. Don’t wait up, the chances are I won’t be home tonight… or for a few days!”

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