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Training With GU/GU

“I just hate looking like such a dweeb,” Luke confessed, blushing slightly as he confessed why he had decided to splash the cash on a well-respected personal trainer. “I still get mistaken for a high school kid, it’s embarrassing! That’s not even mentioning that my neighbor’s kid - who is a high schooler - is bigger than me!” Not only that but he was a star of the school’s football team and had an ego the size of the state of Texas. The kid had tormented Luke from day one to the extent that he was actively counting the days until the kid graduated and left for college so Luke could finally get some damn peace for a change.

Lex, his new personal trainer, listened intently and made a few notes down in his pad. “I get it, dude. I wasn’t too dissimilar to you all that long ago,” he explained, although Luke couldn’t quite see how that was the truth. Lex was powerfully built and probably had much better luck making friends or approaching other guys. Luke had been surprised to discover that the other man was gay but he had been secretly delighted, even if he knew that bigger guys like Lex would never look twice at skinny babyfaced twinks like him. “I think I can sort you out though. I’ll get you to a shape you’re happy with and trust me, nobody’s gonna be asking you for your homework then!”

The first thing Lex did was get Luke an order of GlowUp/GrowUp Protein Shake, a product that he said had been vital early on in his attempts to beef up. The shakes had quite the price tag attached to them but as Lex was footing the bill for the first order, Luke opted to give them a go and see how things went. He’d always had his doubts about protein shakes as they’d never done much good for him previously but if they were the recommendation of a muscular hunk like Lex then they had to be decent, right? Of course, he was probably being sponsored by GU/GU to pimp out their stuff but Luke still wanted to believe that the other man was really helping him.

The first few weeks were tough, mostly because of how grueling the workouts that Lex had assigned Luke were. He’d start each day with a GU/GU Protein Shake, then have another before his workout and a third right before he went to sleep. The shakes themselves tasted like a berry assortment and as a result were much nicer than any shake Luke had tried before which had always been thick, lumpy and made his stomach turn in disgust. Not only that but they seemed to boost his energy and provided him with the fuel he needed to power through whatever tasks Lex had planned for him that day. Each and every day he found himself hitting new personal bests and the results of his hard work were becoming visible much quicker than he had anticipated. Just three weeks in and he had all but doubled in size, packing on a decent amount of muscle that, while it wouldn’t rival Lex’s size, made him look like a college athlete as opposed to a high school dork as he had just some twenty days beforehand.

Impressed enough with the GU/GU shakes, Luke placed an order that would get him through the next month of training and relayed the news to Lex. His personal trainer was excited to hear as such and clapped him on the back before announcing that he was going to be assigning some even tougher tasks to help Luke bulk even further. “You’re putting in some serious effort, dude. I respect that,” Lex explained as he began setting up the equipment they’d be using that day. “And don’t tell my other clients this but you’re my favorite workout partner. Cute face, good body… easy favorite.”

Luke couldn’t help but blush. He could hardly believe that a hunk like Lex was flirting with him, even if it was just as a joke - not that he was even certain it was. Occasionally he’d catch the other man staring at him in such a manner that wasn’t entirely professional or innocent, as if he was eyeing up a piece of prime beef that he couldn’t wait to devour. It wasn’t the type of look that Luke was used to being on the receiving end of but his few weeks with Lex as a mentor figure had come with a lot of surprises and he’d learned to roll with them and even enjoy them.

After a few months of working out with Lex, Luke had all but tripled his original size and was now indeed matching his trainer rep-for-rep on incredible weights that he’d previously thought would be impossible for him to even reach. As such their relationship transitioned from that of a trainer and client to workout partners and pretty soon even bed partners, blissfully content to enjoy each other’s muscular bodies both in private and public. They became something of a centrepoint in their gym, friends with everyone and inspirations to the smaller guys who seemed to sign up on an even more regular basis. Lex had even encouraged Luke to start studying to become a personal trainer in his own right and GU/GU were more than happy to help fund his studies if he repped their product on his ever-burgeoning social media accounts which he was all too happy to do. They had been just as influential in his rapid changes as Lex had been, after all.

The sweetest result of all of Luke’s changes though was the attitude of the kid next door. There was no backchat or snide remark to be heard from him when the kid finally realized that his ‘dweebish’ neighbor was now bigger than him and had a boyfriend who was more than willing to kick his ass. His silence was initially filled with glares and bitter looks but soon they became envious expressions as Luke only got bigger and bigger, completely outclassing him in every aspect. Perhaps even more amusingly though, the kid was now asking Luke for training tips and seemed seriously interested in being the future personal trainer’s very first client…

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