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Swing And A Hit

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

I’m hot stuff, right? Admit it, you wish you were me. I’m pretty sure anyone can understand why - I’ve got big muscles, a handsome face and I’m an up and coming sports star. I’ve pretty much hit the jackpot!

Yeah, you might have guessed that this isn’t my real body. I’m not really Shawn Foley, baseball’s hottest new prospect, although you’d never know it by looking at me or talking to me… I’m pretty much the full package and having all of Shawn’s memories really helped me pick up his mannerisms. I was always a good actor anyway.

My real name is Kristian Koss and I’m a drama major in college, out and proud ‘gaymer’ and an apprentice warlock. Quite the resume, right? I also happen to be a big baseball fan but the baseball coach back at high school always said that I didn’t have the necessary “raw talent”. My dreams of becoming the next big baseball star were crushed and instead I got to watch asshole jocks like Shawn Foley rocketing past me.

So what’s an apprentice warlock to do when his chances of achieving his dreams slip away in front of his eyes? I’m pretty sure you can guess it. I took everything I’d learned from my mentor and the grimoires I had studied over the years to make sure that Shawn Foley wouldn’t be overtaking me any time soon. He’d still be involved in baseball, I wasn’t cruel enough to take it all away from him, only he’d now simply be the bat rather than a player.

The moment my fingers closed around the base of the bat I felt a surge of energy pass through me. My cock was hard in seconds as my body underwent a transformation I had only previously visualized in my dreams. My slender frame pumped up with muscles while my feet stretched out to several sizes larger. My pants struggled to deal with the thick thighs growing and washboard abs were clearly visible under the white shirt that had once been too big on me.

Within thirty seconds it was all over but it was enough to make me hit my climax and seal myself into this new body. All of Shawn’s memories and thoughts transferred from his new home in the bat to my brain, allowing me to live his life seamlessly. Nobody would ever know the great Shawn Foley had been replaced - except him of course but who’s he going to tell when he’s nothing more than my lucky bat?

Let’s just say that I don’t think anybody else is going to be holding me back from my dreams any time soon and if they do… well, I could always use a lucky jock!

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