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Second Chance Clinic

Jon felt like he had fell so far. He was only 25, but after growing up in gymnastics he had been heartbroken in college when he realized he was mediocre compared to the competitive guys his age. At the encouragement of his boyfriend, Caleb, Jon finished a degree in elementary education. Jon was incredibly thankful for the positive force that Caleb had become in his life and wished he could do something big enough to thank him for being such an amazing figure.

After college Jon accepted a job as a 4th grade teacher. Caleb encouraged him not to give up his passion, so Jon also took a side job teaching gymnastics. He enjoyed working with the kids and helping them have the same fun as he once had, but every now and then it made him wish that he was still competing. During practice one day the director announced to the students and staff that they were fortunate enough to get a U.S. champion, Sam Mikulak to come in for a clinic. Everyone was elated and couldn’t stop talking about it – everyone except for Jon.

Jon told Caleb about it and that he was probably going to try finding a way to get out of the event. At Caleb’s usual encouragement, Jon decided to go, if nothing else to wrangle in the kids that would be excited and rowdy when the star came. Jon’s better half gave him a necklace to wear for the occasion and told him “Before you shake Sam’s hand, just detach this charm at the end and shake Sam’s hand with it.” Jon didn’t know why it was so important, but he rarely questioned Caleb on anything.

The day finally came, and Jon was so green with envy that he actually had to run to the restroom, sick to his stomach. As he was rinsing his mouth and washing his hands the gymnastics hero came in. Sam praised Jon’s work with the kids as they walked out and extended his hand. Jon did as he was instructed, breaking the necklace and taking the strange looking metal charm in his right hand. As contact was made between the two men, Jon felt a strong shock from the charm that flowed through his whole body. He instantly tried to pull away from Sam but couldn’t. Jon felt like he was shrinking and inflating at the same time, having trouble focusing on what was happening as his body and mind were full of unfamiliar sensations. Jon started to regain recognition of his surroundings but started flying forward, he yelled in confusion before slamming into the body of a taller but more slender man.

The confusion faded, and Jon found himself looking up at his own face. The new Jon smiled and thanked him for the kind words before quickly shuffling out back to the event, rubbing his head. Jon turned around at the mirrors above the sinks and saw Sam’s face looking at him. Without a second thought, Jon experimented and flexed his arm, only to see Sam do the same. Looking over he felt his large bicep and the beautiful vein, whispering “What the f…..” Looking back in the mirror, Jon flexed his body, making each muscle and vein pop like he had seen Sam do after a successful set so many times on TV. “This is unreal!” Jon stepped back to give himself room and did three backflips in quick succession, amazed at the ease and skill.

Jon heard Caleb’s voice behind him, “Oh, it’s very real.” Caleb approached the new Sam, stroking his cheek and giving him a passionate kiss. Jon was a few inches taller than Caleb, but that seemed to change now, being at least two inches shorter than his boyfriend. Jon finally pulled back and asked “But how did…” Caleb cut him off, “Does it really matter? I just couldn’t bear to see you unhappy anymore. Although I think it is time for me to break it off with Jon for a new celebrity boyfriend. Are you okay with that, Sam?” Caleb asked with a smile. Jon took off his shirt, both him and Caleb feeling his new, solid abs before replying “I can’t think of a better way to say thank you.” Sam gave Caleb one last kiss before heading back out to give his final demo at the clinic.

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