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Marvel: Rewarding Captain America

This is a sequel to “Replacing Captain America” as chosen by my patrons as part of my 5 Years of Cavanaugh event.

For two years I had managed to get away with not only replacing the real Captain America but also working as a double agent for HYDRA. 

In that time, I was proud to see the organization I served grow in strength and numbers, no matter how hard the Avengers tried to stop their spread of influence. Nobody suspected that the reason their plans to end HYDRA were foiled so frequently was because the most patriotic hero of all had been betraying them the whole time!

Living life as Steve Rogers was absolute bliss. I had the body of a god - indeed, it wasn’t too unfair to say that Cap’s body rivaled Thor - and the sex drive to match it. Cap’s sudden sexual liberation had raised some eyebrows from the rest of the Avengers at first but they grew used to it, especially as they realized that they could benefit from some one-on-one time with the super-soldier! Hawkeye and Black Widow in particular came back for more rather frequently, sometimes even together.

Summoned by one of my superiors back at HYDRA, I was eager to see what mission they would have in store for me next. Much to my surprise, they weren’t summoning me for a mission briefing but instead to receive a reward. “A reward?” I asked, quirking an eyebrow. “Living this life is enough of a reward for me, sir.” It was true - the last two years as Steve Rogers had been nothing short of paradise. I didn’t need any more payment than that.

Baron Kruger merely smiled. “Nonsense, agent. You’ve given your life to HYDRA and it would only be right for us to return that generosity,” he responded, waving to the guard stood at the door. He left in an instant and returns seconds later, this time accompanied by a thin young man wearing the distinctive green uniform of a HYDRA cadet. “This, Captain, is your reward.”

For several moments I merely watched the new arrival, scanning him from head to toe in an attempt to understand what made him so special. He was entirely unremarkable and almost disappointing to withhold. I couldn’t help but wonder if that was supposed to be the point. “Is this a test, sir?” I asked, fixing my attention back on Baron Kruger.

The smile that met me in return was practically wolfish in nature. “It’s not a test, no,” he confirmed, placing his hands together over his thighs. “You haven’t worked it out yet, have you? Go on, look closely.” I was never one to disobey an order and returned my attention back to the cadet. He met my gaze, eyes wide and vulnerable. It was in those eyes that I finally saw what HYDRA wanted me to see.

“This is him, isn’t it?” I asked, feeling momentarily winded in my surprise. “The real Steve Rogers.” The remnants of the once proud superhero lingered but to the untrained eye he was all but unrecognizable. His body was thin, his enhanced muscles long since drained, and his skin was pale in complexion. His golden blond hair was neatly slicked to the side while his expression remained stony and distant. 

“The original,” Kruger corrected, his tone remaining polite. “You are the real Steve Rogers. Nobody shall ever question that.” It was true, even with the former hero stood so close nobody would ever make the connection between us. was Steve Rogers and he was nobody but another number in HYDRA’s army. The thought filled me with excitement and I watched with interest as the Baron turned his gaze to the cadet and uttered a simple phrase - “Hail HYDRA.”

As if shocked by electricity, the cadet snapped his arms out into the air and echoed the phrase. The vulnerability in his eyes had been replaced with determination and his words were said with conviction. It was quite the sight to behold - the great Captain America, completely drained and broken, now just another goon for HYDRA. He’d drop down dead on the battlefield one day and nobody would ever even think twice.

“Well? Do you like your gift?” It was hard not to. This was the perfect trophy to showcase my victory over the super-soldier - HYDRA’s final victory over Captain America. It made sense for the Red Skull to keep the trophy, not for him to be passed down to me. I struggled to make sense of it.

“What am I expected to do with him?” I asked, taking my precious time inspecting my reward. My mind was already painting deliciously dirty pictures but I was faithful enough to HYDRA that I wouldn’t step out of line of their commands. Still, a man was allowed to hope, wasn’t he?

Baron Kruger’s smile didn’t falter for a moment. “Whatever you’d like, Captain. Give him a command.”

“Step forward,” I instructed. The words had barely left my mouth before the cadet stepped forward. “On your knees.” There wasn’t even a moment of hesitation. “Kiss my boots.” Every instruction was met with compliance. His will had been truly broken and it was absolutely arousing to behold. The smirk on my superior’s face suggested that he’d noticed my own body’s reaction to what was happening. My jeans were certainly feeling a lot tighter all of a sudden.

“I’ll allow the two of you some privacy,” the Baron declared, rising from his seat. He extended his hand and I met it in a firm shake in an instant. The slight wince caused by my strong grip sent another thrill through me, even as I relaxed. Sometimes I managed to forget just how strong I was compared to the average man. Just one of the benefits of being America’s favorite super-soldier.

Reaching the door, I turned and directed my attention back to the cadet. “Follow. Don’t keep my waiting.”

“Yes sir!” the cadet replied, his words thick with a German accent. The obedience brought a smile to my lips. He turned to the Baron and saluted once more. “Hail HYDRA!”

Hail HYDRA indeed, I thought to myself. A long time ago I had dedicated myself to the cause and things were paying off. Maybe one day soon we would finally become the global power we aspired to be but until then, I was content to play with my new toy. He’d never know his true identity and I planned to relish in that fact, especially as I continued to fool the world and his team by serving the Red Skull as a faithful soldier.

Then, when the moment was right, Captain America would finally rise to the top of HYDRA as he was always destined to…

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