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Revisited: Frat Parties

Based on the story Frat Party from July 2013

Chad was the most handsome guy on campus. Tall, muscular and blessed with gorgeous good looks, he was a real winner in the genetics lottery. There wasn’t a single guy on campus who wasn’t jealous of him but I highly doubted there were any more jealous than I. Compared to jock royalty like Chad I was nothing more than a disappointment and that was something he wasn’t shy about pointing out. Chad wasn’t a total heartless douchebag, he just acted like the whole world revolved around him and considering the way he was treated like a king by our classmates I’m not sure I could even blame him for that.

The worst part of it all was that at the very start of our freshman year we had been assigned as roommates. That hadn’t lasted long - only a six weeks before Chad rushed for the hottest fraternity on campus and I was left in the dust. We hadn’t exactly been good friends and he’d been a pretty terrible dorm-mate, leaving his clothes everywhere and parading around in only a jockstrap - but I certainly wasn’t complaining. He had the body of a god and even though I kept my sexual preferences secret from him, I was rather enjoying checking him out behind his back.

After he joined the fraternity though it’s as if all of Chad’s ‘bad’ features were amplified. He began being consistently rude and arrogant, not to mention the fact that he seemed to take great pleasure in tormenting me throughout class - when he bothered to turn up, that is. Still everybody loved him and I was told to “grow a backbone” or “man up” if I even dared to rise to his tormenting. It was frustrating to say the least.

Considering how much of a jerk he had become over the last year and a half since joining the fraternity and getting a place on the college football team it was incredibly rare that I ever had one-on-one discussions with Chad. It was only because our professor had partnered us up for a task in class that we were even required to exist near each other. Hungover from a rousing party at the frat house the night before and frustrated after the girl he was planning to hook up with got with one of his fraternity brothers, Chad was in a rather bad mood and that meant it was taken out on me.

“You expect me to believe your life is terrible?” I sniped, rolling my eyes. He had just spent the last ten minutes whining and honestly it was rather pathetic. I didn’t quite have the nerve to say that too him though because we both knew he was the stronger of the two of us and could easily silence me for having an opinion like that.

“It’s not terrible, it’s difficult. You wouldn’t understand, bro, you’re not under the same kind of pressure as me,” he retorted in his masculine deep drawl. That voice always sent shivers down my spine but I tried to not let him notice. The last thing I wanted was for him to find out that I was actually attracted to him.

Our conversation took a turn for the bizarre when Chad declared that I would crumble under the stress if my life was anything like his. I had been unable to stifle my laugh at that because I couldn’t believe he honestly thought his life as the big man on campus and a beloved sports star was more stressful than that of an astro-science major who spent half of his time running away from frat boys so he didn’t end up the victim of their pranks.

“You wouldn’t last a week as me,” Chad growled, clearly irate by how dismissive I was of him and his troubles. “I bet you wouldn’t.”

“Fine, let’s do it. Let’s see if I can last a week as you,” I fired back before I could stop myself. I knew magic was still a big secret and exposing my family’s magical background to a loudmouthed idiot like Chad was a bad idea but he had frustrated me so much that I could no longer stop myself. “Let’s swap bodies and see just how easily I can live your life.”

Just as expected Chad laughed at me. “Sure thing, twiggy. You find a way to swap bodies with me and we’ll do it,” he agreed mockingly, having no idea just how easy that would be for me. In fact I didn’t even wait until the end of the conversation to cast the spell, I did it there and then!

I had only ever switched bodies once before - with my cousin when I had been eleven and he was sixteen - so I had almost forgotten just how sudden the experience was. My body and mind flared with pain in an instant as I felt myself thrown forward and things begun feeling very out of proportion from what I was used to. I felt so large but was that really much of a surprise now I stood the opposite side of six foot tall?

Clenching my hands into fists I admired the way Chad’s biceps bulged and just how strong I felt. I had been jealous of him for so long because deep down I’d always wanted a body like his and now I actually got to experience it. A bulge was already beginning to grow in my pants and I couldn’t wait to get alone so I could play around with it for myself.

“How– how did you do this?” Chad gasped in my higher-pitched voice, running his hands down his unfamiliar skinny frame. I now towered over my former body and from the new perspective it was easy to understand just how the fraternity brothers found me such an easy target. I was tiny and pathetic.

“One week,” I grunted, completely ignoring his question. “One week to see whose life is more difficult. That’s the deal.” If Chad thought that I would struggle in his body and life then he was sorely mistaken and I was going to prove that.

Over the next week I easily settled into the life of a king jock and one of the most popular boys in the fraternity. Little did Chad know that the spell I had cast to switch our bodies had also given me his skills and abilities meaning I performed just as well on the football field as him and knew exactly what I was doing whenever I hit the campus gym with my bros.

The spell also melded parts of our personalities together, making me far cockier than I had ever been before. It wasn’t just Chad in my body that I found myself tormenting but others that had previously been nice to me too. Now they looked at me as nothing more than an arrogant jock and honestly I began wearing that title with pride. Why wouldn’t I?

Never in my life had I been invited to a fraternity party (or a party of any sort, really) before so I had very little idea of what to expect but they quickly marked the highlight of my week. On both Tuesday and Thursday the fraternity threw incredible ragers and seeing the frustration on Chad’s - well, my - face when he realized he wouldn’t be invited was outstanding. It was at those parties that I discovered I had also inherited Chad’s sexual desires towards women and lost my virginity to a buxom blonde sorority girl who had spent most of the night screaming out the name I had now adopted. Somehow it didn’t feel as weird as I had expected it too.

I had (somewhat reluctantly) agreed to meet with Chad at the very end of the week so that he could apologize and admit I was right all along, after which we would switch back to our correct bodies. Despite how much fun I was having in Chad’s body I knew it wouldn’t be right to keep it. I had to go back to being myself and take the high ground when it came to the jock’s complaints. At least he would be forced to admit that I had been right along.

During those rare occasions throughout the week when I actually attended the few classes we shared I had kept my eye on him. He had glared at me from my usual spot near the front of the class while I was surrounded by his similarly muscular and tattooed friends but he couldn’t say anything without risking humiliation from my hand. I could tell that my professor was confused by “my” uncharacteristic silence when I was usually eager to provide answers and every now and then he called upon “me” only to have Chad totally fuck up. My friends and I got great laughs out of those occasions, causing the jock to blush in embarrassment. 

Unfortunately for Chad the night before we were due to meet up to talk and switch back to our true bodies I was cornered by his best friends in the frat, Vic and Pax. They were both just as arrogant as Chad was but were somehow lacking even more brain cells which had always felt like an impossibility until I got to actually spend time with them. I didn’t really mind though - they were pretty good company and I got used to their immature senses of humor quickly considering I couldn’t help but share it.

“You’re comin’, right?” Pax asked me, slapping me on the shoulder and grinning widely as if I knew what he was referring to.

“Cummin’ all night long,” I joked crudely, earning laughs from both boys. “Nah, seriously, I dunno what the fuck you’re talkin’ about.”

“The boat party!” Vic replied as if I was the biggest idiot he’d ever seen. “It was your fuckin’ idea, you moron!”

I couldn’t help but laugh, not at all surprised that they didn’t find it too weird that “Chad” had forgotten what was supposed to be happening. He’d never exactly been the brightest spark after all so perhaps it wasn’t all that out of the ordinary. “Oh shit, how could I forget?” I gasped, trying to play cool. Thankfully it didn’t take much to convince Vic and Pax of anything.

The offer of a boat party was certainly tempting. I had really grown accustomed to my life as frat-bro-and-proud Chad and I didn’t want to give it up so soon, even if the spell dictated that we needed to switch back after seven days or it became permanent. The boat party would take us over that time limit and trap us in these bodies for the rest of our lives… but would that really be so bad? Chad had complained about his stressful his life was after all!

I didn’t regret attending that boat party for a single moment after. I truly was Chad now and it didn’t take long for me to forget my old life and embrace my new one as a future pro-footballer and a regular womanizer on campus! My classmates only wish they could be me - that twiggy little queer who used to be my roommate included - but there’s only one Chad Wilder and they’re going to have to deal with that!

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