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Physala’s Show: The Newcomer

Updated: Dec 19, 2018

Being new in town sucks. I thought it would be a great idea moving to New York from London but the truth was it got lonely pretty damn quickly. I had planned it as some big upheaval of my life in the hopes of chasing something new and exciting but the truth was I was trading one boring office job for another and the only difference was that I was now surrounded by yanks instead of Brits.

Life in London wasn’t all that great for me. I had an awkward relationship with my family because my parents had never been accepting about me coming out as gay and my last relationship ended about as happily as a meteor crash. “You just don’t satisfy me,” Dan had said, shattering the remains of my self-esteem. I blamed it on everything I saw in the mirror: my big nose, my skinny limbs, my small cock. I hated looking at myself because I felt like a failure who was never going to be anything more than that. 

I needed a change and I thought New York could give me that. Maybe that had been a little too hopeful because honestly it just felt like more of the same.

The only real highlight was meeting people like Andy and Shawn. They were average guys like me, not overly intimidating and nice enough to invite me on a night out with them. I leaped at the chance, hoping I didn’t appear too eager but what else could I do? I was desperate to find some sort of friendship in this big city so I could definitely do a lot worse than those guys. 

Truth be told, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the magic show idea but the tickets were cheap and the lads thought it might be fun especially as there was an open bar. I wasn’t going to turn down my first invite on a night out either so I agreed and prepared myself for a night of shoddy card tricks and some decent use of mirrors to create illusions. Magic shows were all the same, right?

How wrong I was. Physala’s Magic Show was nothing like anything I had seen before. She transformed herself into a man before our very eyes, made an audience member grow Donkey-like ears and even turned an apple into a bird. I could hardly believe what I was seeing. How was any of this even possible? This seemed like more than simple mirrors and trapdoors, it felt and looked like actual magic. That was ridiculous though because there was no such thing as magic, right? That’s what my parents had always told me.

When Physala announced that her - his? their? - final display of magic would be on us all, “shuffling the deck” that life had dealt us, I couldn’t help but feel nervous. What did that even going to mean? Would it hurt? I barely had time to register those concerns before a purple light began pouring out of Physala, an endless glow that seemed to overtake the room in seconds. I felt a strange warmth surround me and it felt so blissful that I couldn’t help but close my eyes and enjoy its comforting embrace.


Somebody was calling my name from outside. Somebody whose voice I didn’t recognize. “Hey Gavin, they need you on set!” Set? What did that mean? Who was calling for me?

Opening my eyes, I stared straight at the mirror in front of me. Physala and my friends were gone, replaced now by what I could only presume was some sort of dressing room or trailer. The man in my reflection was not somebody that I recognized and yet somehow I knew it was me.

I was shirtless, proudly displaying my smooth muscular chest that was a long cry from the skinny and hairy frame that I knew. “You’re an otter,” Dan had always said to me. That felt like a long time ago though because nobody could call me anything other than a hunk now with a body like this. There wasn’t an inch of hair to be seen anywhere on my body apart from my head! Not only that but I had a sick tattoo on my right shoulder and arm that made me look badass. I couldn’t help but flex to show it off a little more. 

Staring down at my lap, I took in the sight of my favorite leather pants tightly hugging my muscular thighs. The outline of my cock was obvious and I was proud to see that it was easily eight inches and that wasn’t even hard! Nobody was going to be accusing me of having a small cock anymore, I was pretty sure of that. Hell, I was probably bigger than anything Dan had ever seen before! He’d be lucky to have me now.

Out of all the changes, the face felt the strangest to behold. The only part I recognized were my eyes, the rest of the features belonged to somebody else. Gone was my pathetic attempt at stubble, replaced by a smooth and defined wide jawline. My hair was darker and professionally styled and my lips were plump and perfect for sucking cock. Just the thought excited me. Even my nose, the one feature that I had been tormented over for most of my life, was different. It was now in perfect proportion to my face and nobody would be able to say anything about it again.

“Come on Gavin, we don’t have all day!” the stranger’s voice said from outside the dressing room as he knocked again. This time I recognized it as one of the producers on the latest clip I was filming. How hadn’t I known that sooner? Oh yeah, I’m “not too bright” as people don’t stop telling me - whatever the fuck that means anyway.

“I’m coming!” I yelled back in response, my voice now speaking with an effortless Southern drawl. I hadn’t even had to think about it, it just felt natural to me. I’d moved to New York from Texas, not England. Why would I ever even think that?

“Save that for the clip!” the producer joked back at me. I chuckled, deep and slow, as I pulled one last pose in front of the mirror. I squeezed my right nipple and grabbed my cock through those tight pants while I flexed. God, I was going to take the porn industry by storm! I’d been signed to this company about a month ago and I was already one of their most popular boys so no wonder they were eager to get me in more clips. 

This one was going to be a solo clip but I wasn’t all that worried about it really. Apparently this pathetic loser from England called Dan or some shit was paying the big bucks for a solo clip of me jerking off while moaning his name! I guess whatever pays the bills, right? I’m sure whoever Dan is he’ll never get a guy like me but hey, he can always live in that fantasy. Me though? I’ll be moving onto the next one in no time! 

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