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No More Questions

“Now, we all witnessed your magnificent transformation from nerd to hunk on live television. Would you care to tell us how you achieved such a feat?” the pretty blonde interviewer asked, hardly bothering to hide the fact that she was eyeing up Josh’ meaty pecs, his boulder-like shoulders and bulging biceps. There was a whole lot of man right in front of her and she was more than happy to admire the goods in front of her when she got the opportunity.

It was hard to believe that just a few days ago Josh had been a total nobody with a slender frame that would never be called anything close to impressive. He’d been skinny and awkward and had been the subject of mockery when he’d first announced that he was going to transform himself into a total stud. 

Now he was an absolute goliath of a man with muscles packed upon muscles and a serious lack of clothing that actually fit his behemoth frame - not that he was interested in looking for larger sizes. He rather enjoyed how all of his clothes hugged his body so tightly, showing off each and every muscle and leaving very little to the imagination. It was worth it just for the stares of envy and desire he received, from both pretty young women like the cute interviewer and guys who could only dream of having - or even worshiping - a godlike body such as his. The fact that many of those men had previously laughed at him made it all so much sweeter too.

Considering the question for a moment, Josh merely grunted out a deep laugh and shook his head. Why the fuck would he give his secret away? He deserved to be an alpha male but not everybody did, especially not the jerks who had pushed him around and bullied him for years simply for being smaller and skinnier. They might have won the genetic lottery but they didn’t deserve the bodies they had, not when there were more deserving folk like Josh who were held back by their genes. He was a determined soul though and had put in hard work to make sure that he crafted the most impressive body possible for himself and he most certainly wasn’t about to let others profit off of everything he had done. If they wanted to try and match up to him then they’d have to work out their own way to get big because his lips were most definitely staying sealed.

“How about we continue this interview somewhere a little more private?” he asked instead, his voice coming out as a deep rumble that sent shivers down the interviewer’s spine - and that of every person gathered on the set to film the interview, all of whom began to wish they were in her place. He moved a hand down to her perky ass and gave it a quick squeeze, making sure his intentions were crystal clear. Just as he’d expected, she was weak to his advances and pretty soon the two had moved up to Josh’s hotel room where she was getting a first-hand demonstration of every improvement Josh had made to his body.

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