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Model Ambitions

A person’s identity should be treasured and constant, never changed or stolen. It was an unwritten rule dating back to the invention of magic tens of thousands of years ago. Magic was only ever to be used to ease suffering and improve the quality of life for the poor but as with everything there were those who sought to use magic to fuel their own ambitions and break the rules that had been established to try and keep them in check.

Insecurity and jealousy grew strong enough inside of magic-users to birth what we now know as transformation magic, allowing the caster to change themselves in a variety of minor ways - different eye colors, smaller noses and the sort. Over thousands of years this magic and its casters grew stronger until spells were created to grant casters brand new bodies or even steal another’s. Possession and switching bodies with unsuspecting victims became possible and many didn’t hesitate to take advantage of this new powerful magic.

By the twenty-first century many of those original spells and powers had been lost to the mysteries of time. Only a select few retained the strength and skill to harness of transformation magic, bringing about a new ‘legion’ of magic-users with the gifts of transformations in their hands. People flocked to them for the opportunity of a new life, putting their trust in people who were descended from rule-breakers. Nothing was out of the question for them and they were just as willing to take advantage of any fool who thought that all magic was free.

Mr Cavanaugh was among those modern day rule-breakers. Enjoying the rush of excitement that came from transformations and body swaps, he had garnered something of a reputation for being a trickster when it came to ‘gifting’ people with his magic. Sure enough there were many tricksters and warlocks out there that admired him for the chaos his work often created.

Like many people with access to transformation magic, Mr Cavanaugh was obsessed with his image and making sure he was as visually appealing and arousing as possible. It was rare that he stayed in one identity for long stretches of time and regularly allowed friends such as the Craftsman or Bizz to surprise him with brand new bodies and identities to explore, as he did for them. It was from one of these surprises that the Craftsman had gifted him with the identity of handsome male model Charlie Matthews.

Having worked under many different identities throughout his life, the enigmatic Mr Cavanaugh had to admit that Charlie’s body was a little different from what he was used to. He had fallen into a trend of taking the form of much bigger, more traditionally masculine men like Chris Evans and Scott Eastwood and as such having the body of a much leaner male like Charlie took some time to get used to.

There were a lot of positives in having Charlie’s body. For starters he was incredibly gorgeous to behold with perfect high cheekbones and thick black hair that always seemed to look naturally outstanding. He was still strong even with a learner frame and rather enjoyed the healthy amount of hair that covered his body, particularly his forearms and legs. Perhaps Charlie was unlike his usual picks but he was just as stunning to admire in his reflection.

One of Mr Cavanaugh’s favorite parts of taking on the appearance of another man was enjoying their daily lives. He didn’t settle for average men with menial jobs - his taste was almost exclusively made up of actors, athletes and models. Charlie fell in that latter category and the weeks that Mr Cavanaugh spent masquerading as him were regularly spent in front of the lens of a camera, loving the attention he got from the fellow models and photographers who were too blind to notice lust magic at work.

After several weeks as Charlie though, Mr Cavanaugh was eager for a change. He had certainly enjoyed his time and wasn’t ruling out a return to Charlie’s body in the future but he desired new adventures and those would only come with a significant change.

Years of transforming both himself and others had made handling transformation magic second nature to the warlock. While others may experience fatigue or stress from casting too many spells in short spaces of time, Mr Cavanaugh had a high tolerance and experienced little more than a tickle as he let the magic flow through him and begin his transformation. He didn’t even need to think about who he waned to become - he trusted the magic to do the work for him.

As always, the transformation began in the most minor of ways with his tan skin becoming slightly paler and his hand reshaping, fingers becoming thicker as he admired them. He could feel the effects of the transformation rippling up his arms as the dark hair on his forearms changed color to a light blonde and they grew with hard-earned muscle. His upper arms followed suit, fueling Mr Cavanaugh with arousal as he felt his biceps and triceps swell. 

His strong arms looked rather peculiar on the slender frame he still had but it wasn’t long before the magic spread across his chest and it began to expand. His upper torso pushed out to form two solid pectorals while his defined abs pushed out further, making him even more clearly defined than before. The tank top he had been wearing was pushed to its limits trying to contain his much broader frame and Mr Cavanaugh merely laughed as he bounced his pecs through the fabric.

The lower half of his body was quick to follow suit as the transformation rushed through it, filling his thighs with hard muscle until they were tearing at the seams of his shorts. His calves quickly grew to match but Mr Cavanaugh’s focus was captivated by his feet, admiring their growth of several sizes as a thin layer of hair covered the top of them. He already knew that he had a number of friends and fans that would love to worship those feet and maybe he’d just have to take them up on it.

Charlie’s cock had certainly not been anything to be ashamed of but now it grew both longer and thicker and the sensation was similar to an orgasm that Mr Cavanaugh couldn’t help but moan. His voice was deeper too, sounding far more southern than Charlie’s Californian lilt which he had become so used to over the last month. His cock stood to attention at the sound, his body humming with magical energy as his transformation neared completion.

Settling in front of a mirror, Mr Cavanaugh admired the changes beginning to cross his face as his jaw became wider and the dark hair began to regress back into his head and turn lighter until he was blond. The blue eyes he had become used to turned a slight shade lighter while his nose became thinner and mouth less perky. The visage of one model was traded in for another as all traces of Charlie Matthews finally disappeared and Mr Cavanaugh smirked at the handsome face of Dustin McNeer in the mirror.

There was only one thing missing from his new look: the tattoos McNeer had gathered over the past few years since his appearance on America’s Next Top Model. Knowing precisely the best way to get them onto his new body, Mr Cavanaugh reached out to his magic and used it to teleport the real Dustin to him. A flash of surprise crossed over the blond model’s face before he was overtaken by lust magic and surged forward to kiss desperate at the flexed biceps of his doppelganger.

Mr Cavanaugh’s magic surrounded the real Dustin as he continued to kiss desperately at the other’s muscles and began pulling him into the warlock’s body, his limbs pulling inside of him as he lost all feeling in his body and was finally totally absorbed into Mr Cavanaugh’s chest. Dustin’s new ink form began to spread across Mr Cavanaugh’s arms and neck, perfectly recapturing his own tattoos and completing the transformation warlock’s new look.

The real Charlie Matthews had been transformed into a cock ring by the Craftsman a month prior for Mr Cavanaugh’s enjoyment and rather than returning the model to his human body he decided that Charlie would still have his uses in his current form. He could transform the model back if it was really necessary but right now he wanted to see just how much Charlie enjoyed being around Dustin’s cock! The two models would be able to hear each other but considering the most they were doing was moaning in pleasure, he wasn’t sure they’d have much to say.

“Next month’s going to be fun,” Mr Cavanaugh drawled, admiring his new reflection in the mirror once more. He had big plans for June but first of all he was going to enjoy a few days in his brand new body!

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