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King of the Gym

God, there is absolutely nothing that gets me going quite like absorbing a few newbies at the gym. I guess they hadn’t heard about all the “mysterious disappearances” round here or they thought that the cheap sign-up price was a bargain and decided to ignore the stories. Either way it was their mistake because I was hungry for some new gains and they were the perfect targets.

They had barely even made it out of the locker room and onto the running machines for their first cardio session when I approached them and grabbed each of them by the arm. They looked at me in confusion, clearly too scared to start challenging a big guy like me, before that confusion turned to horror as they realized what was happening to them.

My workout shorts began to tent as I watched the newbies being absorbed into my arms, losing all of their human features as they became nothing more than the muscle that was currently pumping up my biceps and every other area of my prized guns. 

The absorbing process is pretty arousing for both parties but I think it’s fair to say I’m the one getting the most pleasure out of it. After all once they’ve been absorbed they pretty much lose themselves, becoming mere whispers in the back of my mind as they’re smothered by the arousal that comes from every flex of my powerful muscles. They’re joining a whole crowd of people who either were too foolish to stay away or thought they could challenge me and become the new king of the gym. Of course they had no idea that they didn’t even stand a chance against me.

I know that a couple of the regulars are watching and probably jerking themselves off too but I don’t mind. They’re all my bros which is the reason they haven’t been absorbed. Then again, if the day comes that I get too hungry for some gains and the supply of newbies drains up then I guess nobody’s safe! Having bros to work out with and show off to is good and all but I’ve never been gone at controlling my hunger and absorbing other men has become something more than just simple desire for me now - it’s a need

Yeah, those guys should really count themselves lucky. For now I’m pretty full up but let me just flex for a bit and show off the results of my hard work. If they know what’s good for them they’ll start applauding because we all know who the king of this gym is!

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