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Feeling Superheroic

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

This was the result of my best friend and I making late-night guesses about how we would look if we were to take the super soldier serum like our favorite superhero, Captain America. As lowly high school nerds with thoroughly unimpressive bodies, we could only dream of having big muscular bodies and the confidence to stand up to our bullies. 

The stories we told were nothing short of fantasies and neither of us expected to wake up the next morning - on Independence Day of all days - to find ourselves physically and mentally stronger than before! We looked like real life Captain Americas and I was already thinking of getting a Cap costume to try on for a party. I was sure that I’d look like the real deal and it would get me plenty of attention from the girls who had always ignored me!

My buddy and I had planned to marathon all three Captain America films tonight but these new pumped up bodies have meant a change of plans. We’re going to crash the party being thrown by the most popular jocks in school and we’ll be stealing the attention away from them without a doubt! After all, who could resist two mature and muscular All-American studs such as ourselves?

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