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Emerging Victorious

Mojo was finally, finally through with being held back by that pathetic leech Zack Ryder. Sure, once upon a time they had been bros - tag team partners, even - but it had been clear since Zack’s return back at the Money In The Bank PPV that he had lost his touch and was a deadweight on Mojo’s career. He had his future to think about and with every consecutive loss to pretty much every tag team on the roster, Mojo became more and more certain that Zack had very little place in that future he spent so long thinking about.

The opportunity to firmly put the other man in his rear-view mirror would come at the Clash of ChampionsPPV after Zack had been foolish enough to challenge him. Although there was no doubt fans that were caught off guard by the fury he unleashed, Mojo didn’t hold back from dressing down the supposed veteran prior to their match, exposing him as a fraud. The match itself had been fast and hard-hitting but Mojo had emerged victorious, just as he knew he would. Hard work created results after all and Zack had been slacking for a long time.

While proving himself to be the better wrestler and more dedicated athlete of the former tag team was certainly a thrill, the real excitement for Mojo came from the reward Zack would be giving him, whether he liked it or not. The company agreed with Mojo after all - he was the future, not the idiot who had failed to hold onto the Intercontinental Championship for longer than a day back in 2016. After a meeting with management, a contract was written up that stated if Mojo won the upcoming match, Zack would be transformed into his trunks.

Blindly accepting the story that he was simply signing an agreement for a payrise, Zack didn’t bother to read over any of the details before he signed his name on the dotted line and sealed his fate. He had lost the match and as such, it was now his contractual duty to submit himself to transformation and ultimately accompany Mojo to the ring for every night following, gracefully accepting his defeat at the hands of the rising talent that was Mojo Rawley.

At the very next house show Mojo was greeted upon his arrival by a producer who handed him a box with a knowing smile. Inside was a fair of yellow trunks decorated with patterns of red, white and black. Lifting them from the box, Mojo savored the moment for a few seconds. He felt like he could even hear Zack’s voice screaming and ranting in the distance, knowing that he’d fallen short precisely when it mattered most.

Pulling on his trunks had never been such an arousing experience for Mojo. He had been granted his own private locker room for the evening’s show and he knew why immediately because the moment Zack was pulled up around his crotch and ass, his body began responding with quite the display. “Christ, broski,” he muttered, re-adjusting himself through Zack’s new fabric body. “I think I just got me some new lucky trunks!”

By the end of the night Mojo had put in another winning performance in the ‘squared circle’ showing his dominance and putting the rest of the men’s locker room on notice. With Zack no longer holding him back but instead being - an admittedly unwilling - encouragement, Mojo was ready to start hunting title shots and proving that he was the most fearsome rising star in all of the WWE.

Although he was unaware of it, the presence of Zack as part of his in-ring gear had further effects on Mojo’s mindset. The veteran instincts and strategies of a longtime player like Zack were carefully installed in Mojo’s own mind, causing a further boost to his confidence that pushed him far into the realm of arrogance. Every bit of machismo that Zack had possessed was added to Mojo’s own, creating a hyper-masculine arrogant beast who performed like a ten-year pro inside the wrestling ring.

Needless to say the higher-ups at the company were impressed by what they saw. Mojo definitely had it in him to be the next big star and if this was what having Zack as his trunks did to him, they began to wonder if granting him another pro or two as some new wrestling boots might be beneficial for his - and their - future success…

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