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Discovering My Magic

I come from a family of warlocks but have never been seen to display any magical power of my own. I’m sure you can understand how upsetting that has been for me, to be the first person in over three hundred years in my family without any sort of magic. I felt like a disappointment and I was certain my parents believed me to be one too. I had besmirched our family with my lack of power, shaming us all!

Recently though I discovered that wasn’t entirely the case. I have magic, you see, it’s just a very specific kind of magic and manifests in a way I’d never even considered before. My magic is only activated when I fuck other men and has one specific purpose: absorbing them.

Let me take you back to the first time it happened. Maybe that will help you understand a little better.

Depressed after my family decided to host a party for their magical friends, I instead decided to find a hook up using a gay dating app and sped off to go and visit him. Logan was a good looking guy with lean but firm muscles and a pleasant face that was only slightly ruined by too thick eyebrows and wide nostrils. I wasn’t complaining though because I was happy to have anything to help me take my mind off of my family.

What followed was one of the best nights of sex I’d ever had. In the morning though, he was gone. Considering we were at his place I was a little confused by that and even a little upset that he hadn’t even left a note. I was so preoccupied by these thoughts that I didn’t even stop to notice that my body had changed a little overnight, the softer edges of my stomach and arms becoming a little leaner as if I had a healthy gym routine. 

I didn’t notice any changes until a few months later. I had really started to dig hook up culture by then because it was a quick and easy escape from my parents’ shame and even though the guys always seemed to be mysteriously gone in the morning, I always felt strangely good. At first I thought it was just the physical exercise of fucking somebody that was helping me lose the baby fat I’d carried around with me since I’d been a child but when the muscles began ballooning up with even more power I knew it had to be something more. Nobody could get this ripped just from fucking!

Eventually my parents worked out what was happening. They sat me down to talk the situation through with me and were kinder than I could have ever remembered. It was if simply because I was now showing some signs of magic they were willing to accept me as their son. I should have felt happy but instead I just annoyed. I was my own man and I didn’t need their help to learn more about my powers so I took off for good and didn’t look back for a second.

The stronger I get, the more aware of my powers I am too. It doesn’t just happen when we’re sleeping now either. I can trigger it when I want to, I simply have to lay behind them and begin grinding on them, pressing my big cock against the curve of their ass cheeks. They’re always moaning softly and enjoying it too much to notice that the space between our bodies has vanished entirely and they’re being pulled into my body - at least until its too late.

The feeling of my muscles bursting with strength as they grow a few inches is incomparable really. I feel like a god send down to earth ready to make every man my bitch in my quest to grow bigger and bigger. If I don’t fuck and absorb men regularly then I start losing size and that isn’t acceptable. Thankfully when I look this good I don’t have to worry about a shortage of men! They’re scrambling over each other to get a piece of me and I can’t say I blame them!

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