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DC: Blüdhaven's Favourite Superhero

There was always something going on in Blüdhaven. Thankfully Nightwing was there to put a stop to whatever misdeeds the local villains attempted and the man behind the mask, Dick Grayson, was happy to feel like he was making a change in the city. It had been quite the adjustment from working as Robin in Gotham City, with Batman watching his every step, to operating as a solo hero in a city of his own but he felt like it had been a necessary one. He wasn’t a teenager anymore, he was a fully grown man and he was ready for the responsibilities that came with being a city’s lone protector.

The villains of Blüdhaven weren’t nearly as bad as those of Gotham either thankfully. There were no Jokers or Two-Faces or even any Penguins. Instead there was more petty crime and occasionally a mob boss or two who saw the availability at power in the area and took a grab for it. Between himself and the police, Nightwing was proud of how swiftly the crime in Blüdhaven was dealt with. At times he longed for the more exciting pursuits of his days as Batman’s sidekick but he knew better than to which such a fate on Blüdhaven. The last thing the city needed was an Arkham Asylum of its very own.

When good honest men including a number of police officers began vanishing from the streets Nightwing knew it had to be the work of a new villain in town with some dark agenda. It didn’t take him long to work out that all of the disappearances were happening within a four block radius and that the first few disappearances had occurred only days before the opening of a new all-male exotic dancing club within that radius. It was suspicious enough that Dick decided to check it out, even if the idea of being spotted in such an establishment didn’t exactly fill him with joy. It might hurt his rep with the ladies, after all, and Blüdhaven’s dating scene was still pretty fresh and promising in his eyes.

After monitoring the exterior of the Red Hot Gents Club for a few days and keeping an eye on the individuals entering and exiting the establishment, Dick wasn’t getting anywhere. His only option would be to get inside and run a deeper investigation from there, perhaps see if he could investigate the owner’s office. Types like that would always trip up and leave evidence lying around; their confidence was their undoing. Waiting until a particularly busy night at the club, Nightwing made great use of an open window on the building’s top floor to sneak inside. Keeping to the shadows as Bruce had taught him, he navigated the twisting corridors with a growing sense of unease. The faint sounds of club music contrasted with the nearby giggling of male voices caused the hairs on the back of his neck to raise. As such when he finally found an office that appeared to belong to the man in charge he was relieved to think that his investigation of the place might soon be over. Even if there was no criminal activity occurring there, he couldn’t shake the fact that something about it just felt wrong and Bruce had always encouraged him to trust his gut instincts.

A quick scan of the office identified a number of areas worthy of investigation but the one that raised his interest the highest was the slightly ajar safe behind the desk. Can’t hurt to take a look, Nightwing mused, vaulting over the desk and reaching for the door of the safe. As he pulled it open though, a thick cloud of pink mist shot forth and surrounded his head, seeping into him through his mouth, nostrils and ears. Any way it could find its way inside of him it did and the hero was left flailing, his vision still obscured and senses going haywire as the mist spread through every part of his lean and toned body. Staggering back around the door, he attempted to make it to the window but instead dropped to his knees in the middle of the floor, too physically weak to continue. What the hell is happening to me?

Panic seized Dick’s mind, all but paralyzing him as he desperately tried to reach for the emergency alarm hidden in his belt buckle, one that would alert the Batcave to the danger he was in. His hands fell short though as a sudden pain shot through his body, prompting him to writhe around helplessly, high-pitched groans falling from his lips. There was something very, very wrong. He’d come across a fair share of villains who used toxins as part of their arsenal - both Scarecrow and Joker came to mind - but this felt different. Had he been poisoned? If so, he really needed to alert Bruce, but he just felt so weak

“I must say Mr Nightwing, I’m disappointed it took you so long to find us,” voice suddenly announced. “Blüdhaven’s own superhero… you’ve been on my radar since I started this establishment, you know.” Footsteps grew louder as the new arrival approached but Dick’s vision continued to be so hazy that the man above him appeared to be little more than a dark silhouette, tall and broad. “Look at you! How could you not be the center of my attention, looking like that?” The voice wasn’t familiar either so whoever it was, they were someone new and that meant it would be so much more challenging to make an effective plan of attack against them.

As the pain continued to spread through the hero’s body, Dick grit his teeth together to stop himself from crying out. Attempting to hide his pain was a bad habit he’d picked up from Batman over the years. Never show your vulnerabilities. How many times had Bruce drilled that lesson into him? His vision grew darker and darker by the second, the room around him disappearing into a sea of black as the man above him laughed, deep and ominous. “Don’t worry, pal, you’re not going to die. You’re gonna be great merchandise! I couldn’t let that ass or pretty face go to waste,” the man assured him, the words sounding more and more distant as Dick fell further into the dark cloud overtaking him with each passing moment. “Just relax into it. Let daddy take care of you…”

Daddy… take care of me? It was wrong and he knew it but the thought of having the boss take him under his wing and care for him was strangely comforting. He could be one of the boss’ boys, perhaps even his favourite! The boss had said it himself, he made great merchandise. Dick could remember all of those faces looking up at him in wonder and arousal. He could practically feel their hands against him, feeling his lean muscles, pulling at his briefs to place dollar bills in them. No, no, I’d never let that happen… would I? Dick no longer seemed certain of it. If that was the case why were those memories becoming clearer and clearer with each moment, as if he were reliving them?

Finally the world around Dick started to restore itself and he realized that he was no longer on the hard floor but instead on a soft mattress. Pushing himself up into a seated position and swinging his legs off the bed, he noted that he was still in his Nightwing costume but as he looked down at his lower half he knew there was still something off. The sudden clearing of a throat attracted his attention and he snapped his gaze towards the only other person present: a handsome young man with oiled-up muscles wearing only a red speedo. “Come on, sleepyhead, you’re on stage in ten minutes,” the other man declared before exiting the room, leaving Dick confused. On stage? I’m… at work. Right, working! On the stage!

Getting off the bed, Dick now recognized the room around him as one of the many dressing rooms in the establishment where he worked. There were two guys to a room and Nicky there was his roommate, best known for his firefighter routine. It always drove the ladies wild and for good reason. He really knew how to move those hips!

Derek Gray

Stepping in front of the mirror, Dick inspected his freshly-bleached blonde hair and smiled. The boss had said he’d look cute with it and of course he’d been right! It wasn’t like their boss to make mistakes, after all. He took good care of them all but most especially Dick - no, not Dick, Derek - telling him that he was his most prized possession. Derek couldn’t help but giggle and blush every time those words were whispered in his ear and he felt his boss’ hands against his soft skin and lean muscles, so smooth and flexible.

Making sure that all of his best assets were properly highlighted by the tightness of the costume, Derek leaned in closer and blew a kiss at his reflection. He loved going out on stage and dancing for the crowds, especially the older man who all seemed particularly interested in him. His boss even let him accompany some of the higher-paying men into back rooms so he could earn a couple extra bucks for the club by offering sexual favours. Of course his one true daddy was the boss himself but as he long as he approved Derek was more than happy to continue offering his services to the clientele.

Getting out onto the stage filled Derek with a much desires rush. He put his flexibility and agility to use, performing handsprings and flips, all while gradually removing elements of his costume until he was finally only in a jockstrap with a Nightwing logo on it. His superhero set always went down like a charm and dollar bills soon began flooding the stage amongst cheers as Derek rolled his hips and worked his way around a pole, making sure to shake off his most famous assets: his perky ass cheeks. He was sure going to be making his boss a lot of money and hopefully his daddy would see fit to reward him for it!

Of course it wouldn’t be long until Batman noticed the disappearance of his original sidekick and sent the eager Red Robin to Blüdhaven to investigate...

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