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Danger Dude

I’ve always had a thing for Danger Dude because how could I not? He was tall, buff and impossibly strong, not to mention he had a reputation for being an amazing lover. He was all about the dudes too which excited me because I didn’t know of any other openly gay superheroes. I knew that he’d never be interested in me though because with my skinny body and social awkwardness there was no way anybody would ever refer to me as a ‘dude’. 

The most I could ever hope for was being saved by him again at some point. It had happened once before when I was thirteen and he had rescued me from a pack of bullies calling me a faggot which had been when my obsession with the hero started. I wanted to find some way to repay him or even grow up to be like him but I wasn’t sure how that was even possible.

When a huge fight with a band of supervillains broke out across the city I raced to the roof of my apartment building to watch Danger Dude fight in the skies with Corporal Crime. It was clear that my hero had the upper hand and was making quick work of the Corporal but then Sergeant Sky, a superhero who had gone rogue a few years before, interrupted and attacked Danger Dude from behind. I watched in horror as my hero was utterly beaten and fell from the sky, landing only a few blocks away from where I lived.

Despite knowing that it wasn’t sensible running out into the city while an evil supervillain gang was attacking I couldn’t help but be concerned for Danger Dude and nothing was going to stop me from checking that he was alright. Getting onto my bike I cycled faster than I ever had before in my life. I didn’t care that it was raining and dangerous out on the streets, I had one goal in my mind and I was going to achieve it.

By the time I reached the place Danger Dude had fallen he was gone. Much to my surprise though, his blue-and-red costume remained. It looked totally undamaged which didn’t seem possible and as I picked it up it felt like it was made of expensive material. This wasn’t your average fanboy cosplay, that was for sure. It looked big enough for the real Danger Dude too only he was nowhere to be found. Eventually I was forced to give up my search and praying that my hero was right, I carefully folded and placed the costume into my backpack and cycled home.

When I got home, drenched and shivering from the rain, I pulled the costume from my bag and laid it out on my bed to inspect is closely. Sure enough there wasn’t a single scratch or mark anywhere on it and I felt a little strange having discovered something so pristine in a dark and wet alleyway. How was that even possible? There was something else strange about the costume too, a feeling that crept inside of me like a mental command, urging me to put it on.

I had once worn a Danger Dude costume to a party as a young teenager but that had been nothing like this. It had been cheaply made by my mother and the other kids had teased me for it. I had no doubt that I would look ridiculous with this hanging off my slender body but I couldn’t fight the urge anymore and quickly began to strip out of my wet clothes.

As I pulled the suit on I noticed just how comfortable the material felt as it pressed tightly against my skin. The shivering cold of having narrowly escaped the rain was replaced by an almost unnatural warmth that spread throughout my body as I pulled the familiar costume on. I closed my eyes and let out a sigh as I felt myself relax and let my shoulders drop.

Collapsing back onto the bed, I breathed heavily and did my best to ignore that I was starting to get hard. There was something so arousing about wearing an exact copy of my favorite superhero’s costume but I also knew that it would be wrong for me to think so impurely about the other - even if it had never exactly stopped me before! What was stranger was that I could swear that the costume was whispering me, calling me Danger Dude. I almost wanted to laugh. Danger Dude, me? I could only wish.

Deciding to get up and see how ridiculous I looked with the mask on and everything, I was surprised by just how heavy my body felt as I lifted it from the bed. Rising to my feet, I yelped in surprise at how high I now stood - clearly over six foot which was a long way from my usual 5′6″ stature. Not only that but my body coursed with a strength that I had never felt before or known was even possible. It didn’t seem totally impossible for me to lift up a car because I was surely strong enough to do so.

A part of me knew exactly what I was going to see before I had even reached the mirror in my bathroom. There was no mistaking that the person looking back at me was no longer my teenage self but Danger Dude himself, his body hugged tightly by his costume that famously showed off exactly what equipment he was working with.

“I’m a superhero,” I gasped, admiring the lower pitch of my voice and moving a hand to my throat. Just seeing my reflection move was arousing enough for me. “No, I’m Danger Dude!” This was better than I ever could have possibly hoped for!

Memories suddenly began to flood my mind, memories that I quickly realized were none other than Danger Dude’s. I was beginning to remember everything from his origin story to the details of his secret identity and private life. I could remember all the guys he had fucked after a dangerous mission and exactly what had happened after he had been knocked to the ground by Sergeant Sky. Stunned and sore, Danger Dude had come face to face with The Clothesmaker, a sinister villain who turned his victims into items of clothing. With the superhero unable to defend himself, The Clothesmaker had turned him into a copy of his own superhero suit and left him there for somebody to find or possibly throw into the trash.

Unbeknownst to him though, The Clothesmaker had always admired Danger Dude from afar and even though he enjoyed his victory over the other, he knew that he didn’t want to get rid of him entirely which was why he’d left the spell on the costume that would turn its wearer into an exact copy of the hero with his powers and everything. I had just been the lucky boy to get to it first and activate the spell.

There’s no denying that I’m Danger Dude now and it’s pretty obvious that the city’s still at risk with that darn gang of supervillains out there. I’m going to have to help my fellow superheroes defeat them and maybe then I’ll take a trip into town and see if I can rescue any dudes in distress. I can already think of a few ways for them to thank me…

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