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Can’t Be True

Holy shit, is that me? Nah, this can’t be happening. There’s no way that’s actually my reflection because shit like this doesn’t happen. It doesn’t, no matter what people on the internet say. They’re crazy… or at least I always thought they were. Is it really possible that I’ve somehow transformed into another guy?

The guy looking back at me in this mirror doesn’t even look like me. He’s not a college freshman with pasty white skin, braces and sandy blond hair. He doesn’t have my crooked teeth or my large nose. He’s definitely over six-foot too, unlike my five-six self. He’s the polar opposite in pretty much every area - dark-skinned and gorgeous with perfectly symmetrical features and straight teeth, not to mention firm muscles. He’s the kind of guy any girl would be happy to be seen with, not a skinny nerd who would instantly ruin any popular girl’s reputation just by being seen with her.

If this is really happening then I’m pretty sure I know what the cause is. Just last night I saw a shooting star last night and wished to be my crush’s dream guy. Emma was precisely the kind of girl every self-respecting straight guy fell for - beautiful, clever and funny. She’d never even looked at me twice but then again she didn’t seem all that interested in many of the other guys vying for her attention either. I had never anticipated anything coming from my wish and yet now… well, it’s as good an explanation as any, isn’t it?

It’s not like I felt any sort of transformation, I just woke up like this as a totally different guy already wearing these clothes and in a room I didn’t recognize as my own. My dream hadn’t even been that out of the ordinary - I was on a date with Emma and she seemed to find everything I said hilarious, giggling after every sentence and resting her hand on top of my own. I felt so confident in the dream that I didn’t question anything that was happening until I woke up.

Damn, if the handsome stud I’m seeing in the mirror really is me now then maybe I might finally be in with an actual shot at scoring a date with Emma. I had no idea she was more attracted to dark-skinned guys but I guess that makes sense considering the guys she’s been brushing off are all white. I can already feel that my cock’s pretty big too so I’m sure she’s going to love that. Now I’ve just got to decided whether I should seduce her straight away or investigate this new body for myself first…

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