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Boyfriend’s New Suits

My boyfriend is the son of one of founders of Suit Your Body Tech and as a result he’s never in short supply of bodysuits. In fact Toby likes to surprise me every now and then by picking me up after work while wearing a brand new suit and catching me off guard. I honestly can’t say I mind too much when he has such spectacular taste in guys and they’re always the highest quality suits you can get. I’m talking eyes, voice, realistic smooth skin and even pre-programmed personalities ranging from soothing to arrogant. 

For the past week Toby’s been inn the body of a blond surfer bro with tanned skin and big feet. He was cocky too, always demanding that I give him foot massages and worship him like he was the god of the sea. To other people it might have been laughable but it didn’t bother me at all. My relationship with Toby was as strong as could be and I loved that every week or so he was a brand new person ready to surprise me and keep me guessing. Sometimes I don’t even know it’s him until his hands on my waist and lips capturing me in a passionate kiss.

This new suit has to be one of my absolute favorites though. I mean look at him! Gorgeous tanned skin, big muscles and a face that’s worthy of a model. He exudes confidence too, letting everyone know just who the alpha male in the room is and nobody dares question him. In fact I can already tell that all the ladies and gay men are jealous of me for having such a stud for a boyfriend and all the straight men want to be him. How could they not when he was practically the god of male beauty walking among mere men?

Toby’s offered to get in touch with his dad and acquire some bodysuits for me too but I’ve always been on the fence. I don’t feel like there’s anything wrong with my own body but I guess it wouldn’t hurt to experiment and find out just why my boyfriend liked using them so much. He’s assured me there’s some pretty hot leaner guys in their suit collection that would fit me perfectly. The best part is that it wouldn’t cost me a penny either because of family connections which is definitely a bonus.

Maybe I’ll go for it. After all, this is the hottest suit Toby’s worn so far and it would be a shame if I didn’t wear something that made me just as hot…

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