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Birthday Wish

My boyfriend Dan turned twenty-nine today and I knew he was feeling anxious about nearing thirty so getting him the perfect present was a priority. For so long he’s talked about buying one of those MascBoost packages but they’re so expensive that he’s never been able to afford one, not off of his measly office worker salary. I wasn’t much better off working as an underpaid and over-stressed cop but I’d been saving up for almost a year and I had just enough to buy the basic package that would give my boyfriend the same level of muscle you’d expect to see on a junior bodybuilder.

Sure enough once Dan had gulped down the bottle of Masc Boost, he all but doubled over and I watched in amazement as his back began to explode with power. Throbbing muscle pushed his shirt to the limit until it started to tear at the seam and I watched hungrily as his shoulders grew broader and Dan’s formerly slender back became meaty and strong in a way that even I was jealous of. I didn’t do too badly for myself because I had to stay fit for my work but it was nothing compared to the still-growing hunk in front of me.

Dan’s arms transformed slowly, his biceps, triceps and all the other muscles expanding with raw power that his shirt sleeves were hopeless to contain. He unconsciously flexed his arms and I felt my cock twitch harder in my pants as I imagined him pinning me to the wall with that strength. There was really no denying that he could overpower me if he wanted to now and that thought actually excited me which was confusing considering I’d always been the top in our relationship.

“That was incredible,” my boyfriend grunted as he straightened up, his voice deep and commanding. It sent a shiver down my spine and I realized that not only had it made his muscles larger but it had also made him a fair few inches taller than me. “Fuck, I’m so big… so hot!” he continued. I could only hum in agreement, too amazed by the hulking stud in front of me to speak.

Dan was surprised to find that the surprised didn’t stop there though. As well as the MascBoost, I’d also purchased some of TFU Tech’s Wishing Dust to sprinkle over his cake. Once he blew out the candles and made a wish, it would come true. I had no idea how the scientists had managed to blend technology and magic so effectively but that was why it was their job and not mine, I supposed.

“What are you going to wish for?” I asked, eyeing him hungrily as he flexed those massive biceps again. Something told me we were going to be having a lot of fun in the bedroom that night, especially with the plotting smirk he flashed me when he finally tore his eyes away from his muscles. He didn’t even answer, he just leaned down and blew out the candles.

My mind went fuzzy after that. All I could think about was serving Daniel, my master, who so graciously lets me live with him. Worshiping his muscular body was my only goal in life and why wouldn’t it be? A feminine twink like me was never going to achieve much more in life than dancing on a pole at some sleazy gay club so being Daniel’s bitch was a total dream come true. He likes it when I dance at the club anyway, especially when I’m wearing a slutty cop uniform. I’m not really sure why he enjoys it so much but who am I to complain? He’s the birthday boy and it’s about time he got his birthday blowjob!

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