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Awkward Position

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

I’m in such an awkward position right now. That guy right there, he’s my boyfriend. I know what you’re thinking - he’s a stud, right? Who couldn’t love those big muscles and that cocky attitude? I did, after all, but everything changed when I found out exactly how he got those muscles. 

My father had always warned me that there was magic out in the world that was crueler and more selfish than my own healing magic but I hadn’t expected to experience it from somebody that I loved. In the twelve months I’ve been dating Aron he all but doubled his size in muscle and increased his weight in dramatic leaps and bounds. It wasn’t natural at all and I could tell that magic was playing some part in it, I just hoped that it was without Aron’s knowledge.

Much to my disappointment I eventually discovered that Aron was most certainly aware that he was using magic to get bigger because he wasn’t simply casting spells that would increase his muscles, he was using magic to absorb people. All the bro-type guys who had gone missing around the gyms in the city were the source of his power and he had jumped them the moment they were alone, pulling them inside of him and fueling his transformation by consuming their memories and personalities. They no longer existed all because Aron was on a mission to be the biggest, strongest guy in the city.

I already had plans to break up with him when I uncovered the truth but the situation got so much worse when my sister’s boyfriend never returned from the gym one day and I realized Aron had claimed him too. Sure enough he was looking a little bigger as he came through the door that evening, booming my name in an even deeper voice and demanding I pleasure him.

There’s the issue - I know Aron’s a bad guy but what really can I do to stop him? My healing magic isn’t exactly going to bring those guys back to life even if they’re still inside of him and aware of what was happening. Not only that but if he discovers that I’m planning against him, who’s the say he won’t absorb me too? Maybe it’s just better to go along with his demands and keep him happy. At least I’m still physically attracted to him and I’ve got to say that now he’s working with an even bigger package our explorations in the bedroom are getting even more exciting…

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