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Attitude Adjustment

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

When star of Baby Daddy and hunky young Hollywood heartthrob Derek Theler was invited to be the next cover star of acclaimed gay magazine Attitude, he simply laughed it off. There was no way he was going to be featured in a magazine for homos in case people started questioning his sexuality. It was an archaic thought but one that came naturally to Derek - and indeed others in Hollywood who believed that being associated with the LGBT community would negatively affect their careers.

Attitude, however, had their minds made up and like many other powerful corporations they had ways of getting what they wanted with little effort involved. All they had to do was get Derek to show up for a meeting, which he did when they said he’d even be paid just to have a meeting with them. It was amazing just how easily people could be suckered in by waving some money around.

All they had to do was offer him a glass of wine upon his arrival and then slip out the drink in favor of a potion that had been carefully prepared by the company sorcerer that very morning. Of course a guy like Derek who didn’t do things by halves downed the whole glass of potion in just a few short gulps and then almost smashed the glass placing it on the CEO’s desk.

“So gimme a good reason I should be your cover star,” he all but demanded, folding his arms to purposefully show off his meaty biceps. Sure enough the CEO seemed momentarily distracted, making the actor feel very smug indeed.

“We think having an out-and-proud gay actor on the cover of our Attitude Active magazine would really inspire gay youths to hit the gym,” the CEO declared, bringing an obnoxious laugh out of Derek. 

Out-and-proud gay actor? Not fucking likely! As if there was any chance that he was… he wasn’t gay. That was ridiculous to even consider… right? “You’ve got the wrong guy then,” he replied weakly, scratching at the back of his head. His thoughts suddenly seemed scrambled and he was totally out of his depth.

“No, no, I’m certain,” the CEO pressured, “Your coming out interview with us was one of our highest selling magazines. It would be a pleasure to work with you again, Mr Theler!”

Coming out interview? That didn’t seem right, and yet Derek could faintly remember being in these offices before and giving an interview about having been in the closet his whole life. The actor laughed nervously and shook his head. “That’s… that couldn’t have been me,” he protested, “I’m n– I’m not straight!” It took Derek several moments to realize his error. Of course he was straight! What the hell was he talking about?

The CEO smiled kindly at him, sending a shiver down Derek’s spine as he noticed for the first time just how handsome the other man was. “Exactly, Derek. You aren’t straight,” the CEO confirmed with a nod of his head. Almost immediately the crotch region of Derek’s pants began to tighten as his cock stirred to life for reasons the actor was yet to understand.

“It was a great interview,” Derek blurted out without even realizing it, a hand moving to his lips moments later. What was he saying? “I’d love to be a cover star for you.” No! No! What’s going on?

“That’s great to hear, Derek! We here at Attitude love how eager you are to get involved,” the CEO said, producing a contract from his desk drawer and pushing it across the desk. “If you just sign this then we can get started shortly.”

Without even questioning himself, Derek accepted the pen that was offered to him and signed on the dotted line. With that the last of his heterosexuality and all of the memories associated with it faded away, leaving Derek with a burning lust for handsome men and memories of being a proud gay icon in the still relatively homophobic landscape of Hollywood.

It would be an absolute honor to be a cover star for his favorite magazine!

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