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April’s Fool

Look at him enjoying that new hot body of his. Anybody would be happy if they woke up to find that they were no longer a shrimpy little nerd with no muscle to be proud of and three-inch dicklet but instead discovering that they were now a bonafide hunk. Andy let it go to his head pretty quickly though, flexing in the mirror for hours and jerking off more than once. He had big plans to take his body out on the the city’s gay clubs and humiliate the guys who had once turned their noses up at him for being too plain for their tastes. They would all be drooling over him now, he knew it.

Poor Andy had no idea what was really in store for him though. He had gone to bed the night before wishing for this body and a trickster demon had taken notice of his wish, intercepting it before a more benevolent force could find it. He was happy to grant the boy’s wish but he had other plans. After all it was April Fool’s Day and tricksters never passed up the opportunity to have a little fun on the day that their powers were strongest.

Andy would spend his morning as a hunk and get to enjoy all the benefits that a strong body provided him with, yes, but the moment the clocks ticked passed midday and the pranks were over, he would begin to grow. He wouldn’t be growing with muscle, oh no - instead his new muscle would turn to flab until his pecs sagged into moobs and a large round gut hung over his waistline. His newly handsome visage would be countered by puffy cheeks and his skin would lose the bronze tan, replaced instead by pale skin marked by red blemishes and spots.

Time’s ticking down until midday and Andy still has no idea what’s about to happen to him. He better enjoy those final few minutes until the prank’s finally exposed because it’ll be the last chance he gets to enjoy such a hot body!

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