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A Look Into The Future

I was pretty skeptical when my next-door neighbor Lewis declared that his father had made a machine that could transport you into your future body. I knew that the family next door were a bunch of geniuses and that my friend’s father worked on some top-secret science stuff for the government but this seemed beyond the realms of possibility. I’d always been too curious for my own good though which was why I agreed to give it a shot. 

Lewis wasn’t supposed to be using the machine at all as it was locked away in his father’s basement lab but he’d guessed the code months ago and had been sneaking down regularly to test out everything his father had been making and even implementing a few improvements. Honestly so much of it was beyond my understanding that I just nodded and followed him down into the lab. I was surrounded by a number of machines I’d never seen before, some of which held vases of a strange green liquid but Lewis moved past them all towards one at the very back of the room.

The machine was large and prominently featured a metal chair inside of a glass tube chamber. “You sit in there,” he instructed me, pulling the door to the glass chamber open and waving me inside. “Then strap yourself in.” I did as I was told, sitting down on the cold metal chair and doing the straps across my chest and legs. He helped me out by closing the straps over my wrists and then placed what I could only describe as a metal crown with several exposed red wires circling it on my head. A shiver shot down my spine as I felt the coldness against my head and I prayed that this wasn’t some elaborate prank being played on me.

The door to the glass chamber closed and Lewis began typing away on a panel next to it. “I’m going to put you into the body of your twenty-eight year old body,” he told me with a level of confidence that I found myself trusting. “You’ll only get a few hours in there before my dad gets home so make the most of it, yeah?”

I nodded, waiting in anticipation as Lewis started typing away at a metal panel next to the tube. Within seconds I felt a static shock passing around my body and I blacked out for what felt like hours.

When I opened my eyes I knew immediately that he hadn’t been lying at all. No longer was I looking out of the glass tube, instead I was in a fairly luxuriously decorated bedroom with nothing strapping me down. I was in a bed with soft sheets and a quick glance down confirmed that I was definitely no longer a skinny teenager. My chest was packed with tight muscles from the two meaty slabs of my pecs down to the neatly defined six-pack abs. 

“Woah,” I gasped, a much deeper voice than I was used to uttering the word. Not wanting to waste a moment, I pushed myself out of the bed with strong arms and staggered under the unfamiliar weight of a much heavier body. It took a little stumbling to make it in front of a mirror but I was immediately impressed with what I saw. The fact looking back at me was still clearly my own but adulthood had refined it into something that could be considered gorgeous and the facial hair only emphasized it even more. My hair was perfectly styled and even my ears were pierced, something I’d always considered but never thought I’d have the courage to do. I was already the only out gay guy at school and I didn’t want to make myself any more of a target than I already was by becoming a stereotype. Apparently my adult self didn’t give a fuck though and why would he when we look this good?

Remembering that Lewis had told me I only had a few hours to enjoy this older body, I quickly jumped into action and began hunting for some clothes. I’m going to get as much fun out of these few hours as I possibly can and I can already predict that I’ll be spending a lot more time with Lewis if it means I get to spend some more time playing around with his father’s devices…

For now though, it’s time I hit the gym and see who I can pick up! After all, why should I have to wait until I’m twenty-eight years old to enjoy this body when I can get some serious use out of it now? Watch out 2027, here I come!

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